Citizen Journalists Live

Welcome to the place where ordinary, every day people can share the news happening near or around them, share their opinions on current events, or take us on a journey with them in photos and videos.

We are Citizen Journalists Live.

Some of us are former professionals from all backgrounds in life. Some of us are former contributors to other social media or citizen journalism experiments.

What we all have in common is sharing life as we see it with others.

We also love to hear feedback from our readers and fellow contributors.

We may sometimes disagree – especially on social issues and politics, but we will defend the right of all to express their perspective as they see it.

Oh, remember to keep your comments and posts civil.

Any violations will have the comment or post deleted.

Also no images or videos that are too risque – in other words keep it all to a PG rating.

Happy Citizen Journalism!

Your Editor-in-Chief From the Cornfield,
Mark Ivy

NOTE: If you would like to register and wish to be a contributor, email me with some information about yourself, where you are from and if you have contributed before to such sites as CNN’s iReport, All Voices etc.

PS: New and current members don’t forget to check out the helpful information available at Site Info!

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