Rochester, 5th poorest city in the nation!

9 thoughts on “Rochester, 5th poorest city in the nation!”

  1. Good posting Nick!
    Sadly this is the case with many once booming cities.
    America is not what she used to be and the reasons are quite evident.
    West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the USA.
    Harpers Ferry is a mixture of both poor and well off, not much in between.

  2. Totally professional citizen journalism, no biased BS..I prefer this anyday over mainstream news which is usually slanted to the station and not from an individuals perspective..I enjoy this site and this type of reporting..I pay attention because it has a very human touch..Not retouched to suit a network and I can think more clearly..Citizen journalism with due respect gives me room for my own thoughts..Thanks Nick for this great job, and I didn’t know that, but see many industrial towns going down sadly..

    1. Hi Linda, and thank you for the comment. Yes so true regarding citizens journalism and how we report it. Regarding Rochester, what can I say? It’s washed up, sad but true!

    1. Shari, yes, once upon a time it was. Much has changed to the nay side. Rochester will never be what it once was. Sad but true!

  3. So sad to hear about such a wonderful city. The only thing I never liked when visiting the city was that it seemed to always have snow!

    Great video report. Fantastic journalistic account of your city, of which I know you are rightly so very proud.

    Read that this morning about De Blassio and New York City – that’s a tragedy.

    1. Morning Chief, and thank you for your comment.
      Indeed a sad thing. It’s almost unbelievable what has happened. And I doubt it will ever be anywhere near the same. Oh well, we can only move forward!!!

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