Coney Island – Off Season’

Coney Island has always attracted artists eccentrics and the locals who have it in their bones. It is more than an inner city amusement park, it is a state of mind.

It’s eye candy to an artist, visionary.

A dreamscape of joy and despair.

It was once called “The World’s Greatest Playground.”

It went down for awhile, but now. it is making a comeback.

There is currently a great exhibit about it going on at The Brooklyn Museum through March 13th, called Coney Island – Visions of an American Landscape.

It’s chock full of the history and American Eye Candy I love.
Here’s some pictures I took this past Saturday:








8 thoughts on “Coney Island – Off Season’”

  1. Looks like I am not going to make it again this year 🙁
    Will look forward to perhaps in May or so, or the fall.
    I want to see the Big Apple but am really more interested in seeing Brighton Beach and Coney Island. I like the back roads.
    Nice images Tupac I am enjoying everyone.

    1. When you get here Janie, we’ll accomadate and take the back roads in..But actually you will be surprised to find that the back roads are really main roads, but they all lead to Rome..And you would be at home and relaxed in Coney and Brighton and then we would go home and doll up for the big apple..

  2. Thank you Mark, it’s in Brooklyn, maybe I never clarified..I grew up Queens, LI border, but we always went to Coney Island to play, there was nowhere else to go, so it’s a part of my soul..It is along the Atlantic like LI and was easy to get to, if someone had a car we could be there in 45 minutes, if lite traffic..

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