Mom and Pop stores.

Back in the days, Mom and Pop stores, and of course the local hardware store were a big thing. Every village and town had at least 1, family owned. In the major cities, there was a Mom and Pop store every other city block.
But for many reasons they have faded. However they still exist but not like they use to.
I have always liked the atmosphere of these stores. And they have been a great help to be people who are on limited incomes.
Enclosed please find pictures I have taken of former stores.







042Mom and Pop stores!

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  1. We had a place in Little Rock like these…it was called Kraftco. It was a little hardware store…I loved it because it was stuffed full, but you never had to find anything yourself. You just stood at the counter ’til one of the guys would ask you what you need, then he would navigate the overly full store, find it for you, write out your bill on one of those carbon copy slips, take your money and then send you on your way. I hate Home Depot and Lowes because I can never find what I need and people that might know where it is are hard to find as well.

    1. There’s nothing like an old fashion hardware store JoJo. They always had what you needed. There’s an original old one here in the city, stuffed to the max.

  2. Oh how I miss them!
    There are still some good eating places around in all the sates I would think (at least hope). I know in East Tennessee there are a lot, and in Maryland. Harpers Ferry WV has it’s chain places but good old (real old) Mom and Pop places for all kinds of stuff.
    De goes to an old family Barber Shop in Harpers Ferry.
    Will never forget the family owned grocery store growing up or the little diner that was there, the best hamburgers ever.
    Oh and their Blue Plate Specials. They do not exist any more.
    Loving this post Nick and all the images. Would be nice if some one hometown would buy some of them and refurbish for use.

    1. Jane, so true and a well written comment, you touched home. I would love to see a comeback for them. Thanks for commenting my friend. 🙂

  3. Great images of Americana. Unfortunately even in small town America, Mom & Pop stores are being displaced and disappearing, replaced by national chain-type convenience stores, which are anything, but convenient on price – except for gas.

    1. Agreed Mark. We have 1 Mom and Pop right across the street. It’s run by a far eastern family. Believe it or not, their gas is competitive.

  4. Tupac, I too still enjoy them. Many are gone now, BUT, we still have them. Actually some of them still thrive!

  5. Wow, Nick, so interesting, we still have a few here on LI, infact there is one right around the corner that’s been up since 1918 or so, Italian American Deli, dry goods etc..It does well though as it has kept up with the changing upscale neighborhood, but it’s still homey..Lots on Mermaid Coney Island, but as you say some are dying..Too bad, on many days I prefer them to the big homogenized stores, any day..

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