The ‘Like’ Button & Comments

Have you noticed that there is a “like” button to click on to show you have favorited a certain report, article or images?

Try it out! If you are using a Firefox browser on a PC or laptop, however, it does not work. But if you are using Firefox browser on your smartphone, it does work.

My testing it have found it will register with all other browsers I have tried.

Know how frustrated many of us used to get because we could not edit our comments, correct spelling etc. with CNN’s iReport?

Well now you can edit your comment!  Simply click on the “edit” link and correct any typos or those silly auto-correct goofs.

Another point on comments, you can also reply directly to each individual comment. Simply click on “reply” directly under the comment you wish to respond.

The response will appear directly under the comment to which you are replying in an hierarchy format.

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