Guard Duty

Chooey showing off his “walk” as he stands guard, keeping the bad guys and other doggies away from Daddy.

3 thoughts on “Guard Duty”

  1. He is something else!
    What a feisty, cute, brave, adorable, sweet little fellow he is.
    Love how he walks backwards. I am so glad you have him Mark.
    He is good company.
    Hope you are warm and have plenty of food in the house.
    It was near a white out here this afternoon. Has calmed down a little but the blizzard part stops later tonight. We were out when the snow started, the roads became very treacherous quickly.
    We made it around and up the mountain, back home safely. Don’t think anyone will be going out for the next couple of days. I know we won’t.
    It is gorgeous out though and the birds are bright against the snow.

    1. Janie, glad you and De got your shopping done and back to the safety on the Mountain.

      Yep, Chooey is my little buddy for sure.

      You all stay safe, warm and in until this all ends.

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