Lazing About

What a beautiful day in the Cornfield!
Been outside romping around trying to shoo away the birds that gather in the field, but Daddy has me on a short leash.
Now I am all tuckered out and ready to nap here by the computer. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

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Your pal,

3 thoughts on “Lazing About”

  1. Hi Chooey, yup I took a bad fall on concrete at the transfer station while unloading my truck, not good! But I want to think I’m on the mend. Talk soon.

    1. Yep, did me good…but Daddy sat in the doorway and held on to my leash. He is fighting to keep his COPD from exacerbating and landing in the hospital. Daddy said you were hurt at work. Hope you are healing and getting back to your normal self.

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