BrainDead – DOA?

Last night I caught the premier episode of a new series from CBS, BrainDead.


This was an hour I will never get back.
Tonight, the network airs the second episode. I have yet to decide if I will tune in and hope for a better hour than Sunday’s fare.
The premise of the show is an attempt to satirically explain the craziness of the 2016 presidential election.
Apparently it is a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. If so, this version is more camp and more poorly written than the cult classics upon which it is loosely based.
Per the writers, a mysterious crate was shipped in from Russia. Hidden inside are bugs which look like giant ants. The ants are invading peoples craniums through one ear and expelling the brain through the other ear as a blob of sticky gel that explodes everywhere.
For some reason, all those who have been infected by the bugs have an affinity for one song,  the Cars “You Might Think”, which plays over and over.
Is this a tip of the hat to Descartes saying, “I think, therefore, I am?”
Since it is apparent none of the infected have a brain with which to think any more, it makes for a nice ongoing joke.
The crate contains the remains of a meteor that crashed in the Russian outback, which of course the Smithsonian just has to have a look. The crate is opened and uh-oh, no more brains.
While I love one of the stars, Tony Shaloub of quirky private eye Monk fame, and that the show is from the producers of one of my favorite, former shows, The Good Wife, neither the trailers nor last night’s episode draw me in to fit it as part of my summer viewing schedule.
Maybe I was expecting too much.
Maybe I was not expecting the show to be so decidedly biased for Democrats and for Republicans.
Maybe I need to tune in tonight and allow the show to grow on me.
Question is: how many brain cells will die before anything sprouts to life?
OK, I will give it one more try tonight. But, if there is no hook to fit in my jaw, I am out of here.

2 thoughts on “BrainDead – DOA?”

  1. Uggggg main steam news is too much for me in politics
    This show sounds currently familiar.
    It is a no brainer for me. I won’t be watching.

    1. For sure, Janie.

      Well I tuned in last night for the second episode. All I will say is that BrainDead will not be on my summer schedule of must see shows.

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