CJL Turns One!

Rochester, New York Bureau Chief Slick Nick roused me out of my misstep in overlooking that Citizen Journalists Live launched over a year ago in an email on Sunday.
How could I have missed this first anniversary?
In reaction to CNN iReport shutting down for all intents and purposes, CJL was launched in November, 2015 to fill the void and as a place for former iReporters and other citizen journalists to share the news and world around them.
A handful of former iReporters did join. Some contributed for awhile, but have slacked off. They still view each day.
These days, primarily I am the only one posting on a daily basis.
Slick Nick is also providing input regularly.
Yet I still hold out hope that more will contribute as time goes by.
Originally the site was launched as part of From the Cornfield. The archive of those initial posts can be found by clicking here: CJL Archive.
But as of December 3, the site stood alone.
For those early contributors: Shari, Linda, Janie, Jodi and to Nick, I tip my hat and say,


This would not have been possible without each of you.
Celebrate with me as CJL enters its second year with hope and promise of a brighter tomorrow.
Mark Ivy
aka k3vsDad

2 thoughts on “CJL Turns One!”

  1. Thanks, Nick!

    I hit the wrong button which is why your comment was delayed. Mea culpa.

    Look forward to more great reports from you from the Rochester Bureau.

  2. Mark, I was delighted when you created this site. And you did a great job with it. I really enjoy it and look forward to a better year with it for all of us.

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