Possible new addition to Rochester C_J_L bureau.

Good morning everyone! Currently there’s a lot of activity at the Rochester Bureau. The Chief is flying in for talks to a possible new reporter, Mr. Michael Mounts.
Mr. Mounts is an active writer with 32 novels written to date.
Pic 1: The office staff are working overtime doing updates, setting up a new office if he joins.
Pic 2: The Editor/CEO, Mr. Mark Ivy flew in and just arrived in his limousine from the airport.
Pic 3: A formal breakfast will be taking place after the meetings.
Have a great Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Possible new addition to Rochester C_J_L bureau.”

    1. LOL, don’t blame the Chief Mike, it’s me. When ever we have interest in a new journalist, I always do the humor introduction. We are waiting to hear about your novels, etc..

    1. Thank you Mark. I really want to help you build this site. You have worked diligently at this. I enjoy it. I’m let down that others haven’t given you the time or respect for all that you have done for us after CNN iReport failed.

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