‘The Last Ship’ Returns

Now in its fourth season on TNT Sunday nights, “The Last Ship” from executive producer Michael Bay is a definite to add to your summer viewing list. The show returns tonight with a two-episode start at 9 p.m. ET.
The well-scripted, well-acted drama tells a tale that is very realistic in not just possibility, but falls into the realm of probability.
A virus broke out around the world going pandemic. Billions died.
Prior to the outbreak, a US Navy ship with a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  virologist on board had been dispatched on a secret mission to the Arctic. That mission was to find the source of the virus which had recently been discovered and find a cure.
After the virus went pandemic, The Last Ship was making its way back to the US of A. The good doctor was doing her best to find a cure or vaccine.
Circumventing Russia Navy ships and submarines bent on getting the cure, not yet found, for the Motherland, and various other evil types along the way, the ship made it back to US waters to discover the government gone and people struggling to survive, rebuild.
After vanquishing the Russians, who had encircled the ship at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the ship and crew ran into a new foe – former Irish Republican soldiers who were immune and trying to establish a new world of only immunes.
The second season ended with discovery and distribution of the cure and the end of the immune movement. The season also landed on a thud with the murder of the brave doctor who found the cure.
A new president installed in a new capitol based in St. Louis, Missouri, starts Season Three. The US and The Last Ship are doing their part to distribute the cure to the rest of the Earth.
Only two major powers remain – the US and China. A coup in the US was put down and the defeat of the power-hungry Chinese President ended last season.
My favorite Baldwin brother – Adam – is one of the stars.
What makes this so probable is evident by reading or watching the news and current events.
Super Bugs.
What could be next?
The more resistant viruses and bacteria become to antibiotics and vaccines, with constant mutation, could such a threat strike the globe without warning?
For those who are end-of-times enthusiasts, especially Christians delving into the apocalypse, this falls right into line with prophecy.
The Seven Seals.
One-Third of humanity wiped out.
Wormwood falling out of the heavens and into the oceans and streams, making water undrinkable, unusable. Aquatic life dying out.
For a Sunday night of viewing steeped more than virtual, but real-world, you cannot beat, The Last Ship.
As the little boy in “Angels in the Outfield” was so fond of saying, “It could happen.”  
Now with the current state of the world, the bellicosity of North Korea and our own President Donald Trump, combined with racial unrest as terrorism battles on, how soon before we are relying on our own Last Ship?

5 thoughts on “‘The Last Ship’ Returns”

  1. I had no idea the show was still going. Really enjoyed the first season. I was glued to many episodes because of Tania Raymonde, gotta love that girl. Also hard not to love Rhona Mitra. I’ve really lost track of where the show has gone.

  2. 72 years it was gone undiscovered. Friday, Robert Kraft I believe was the maritime explorers name who found it.

  3. You are up to date on events Chief, and I may add, how coincidental. Just in the Iast 24 hours, a ship from WWII was discovered.

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