The Genesee River!

Here’s an old river, going back to the glacier days. The Genesee river runs between Pennsylvania and New York state. A total of approximately 160 miles according to records. It was also a homestead through various areas to the indians. Both the Seneca and Iroquois nations during the 1800’s.
Then in later 1800’s and still today, it was harnessed for hydro power to flour,clothing, and tool fabricating mills.
Picture 1 is the river running north, and picture 2 is the river running south.
If you look at picture 3, now almost 200 years ago, a man by the name of Joseph Cox ran a ferry between 1820 and 1830. This was ended when a wooden bridge was erected. Then in later years, which I remember, “iron trestles”, bridges were constructed for both car and railroad crossings. I remember these when I was young. The trestles were all iron, very big.

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