Mini_Trips…Inaugural Post

Hello everyone. Well this is it, my first posting for the 2 new assignments on our C_J_L menu bar. I suggested to the Chief during some recent meetings that I wanted to introduce 2 more assignments to his reporters menu. And the board voted both for both. These 2 new chapters the Chief wants to be added to all bureaus. I strongly support this to give our bureaus more activity.
The first of the 2 I suggested was the “Outdoor,Wildlife” division, and the second, “Mini_Trips”..
I hope you enjoy these. I heard that the Missouri bureau is planning some “Mini_Trips”..

7 thoughts on “Mini_Trips…Inaugural Post”

    1. Thanks Ron. I love my camera! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you do get some footage. The Chief made a request to all bureaus to start doing “Mini_Trips”, scenes, events.

  1. Enjoyed the train ride, Nick! Can’t wait for the next adventure.

    Add your Mini_Trips as well CJL contributors!


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