Broken: The 11th Commandment

11: Thou shalt not speak ill will against thy fellow Republican in public.
So much that gem of wisdom from the late great President Ronald Reagan. That commandment was not just broken, but smashed to smithereens on Tuesday on the floor of the US Senate, no less, by retiring Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake with a scathing dressing down and renunciation of sitting Republican President Donald Trump.
Jumping in and piling on was the retiring Republican Senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker. Corker spoke to CNN and threw kerosene on the fire that had broke out between the Prez and himself. 
The venom, the anger in the remarks from the two Republican Senators was akin to that felt by Moses when he came down from the mountain with the 10 Commandments to find the children of Israel in debauchery before the golden calf. In this case,
Flake played the role of Moses. Steve Bannon was acting out Aaron who pronounced that Trump was the new golden calf to prostrate before. Corker filled in for Moses’ right hand man, Joshua.
The result was the same – the shattering of the commandments.
Will Republican elected officials continue their adulterous relationship or will they turn back to their true ideological center?
Can Republicans survive if they stand like the three Hebrew children, not bowing or bending, able to come through the fire of white nationalism and the alt-right?
Will the Grand Old Party be hauled out and rewarded for surviving the ravenous lions in the den of jingoism and xenophobia?
From the Cornfield, has anyone checked Reagan’s grave lately?

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