A Favor

Have a request for everyone.

I am not asking this morbidly, but rather, let’s say, as a pre-memorial memorial.

Like the old saying: Don’t give me flowers after I am gone, but now that I may enjoy them while I live.

Anyone who wants to share an image with a memory of me with you or just a story that relates to the two of us, please post it at:

Citizen Journalists Live

I will open the site for anyone to share. The post, the memory, will be held for my approval first to keep out spammers.

In addition to post, simply register. Again I will delete any registration that are bogus.

To register:

1. Email/message me your preferred username and password. Remember these are case sensitive.
2. Wait for me to let you know you are setup.
3. Log into the site with username and password you sent me.
4. Click on add new post.
5. Share.

Don’t want to register?

Email or private message me your memory and I will do it for you!

I will NOT edit your sharing.

You will be able to view the pre-memorial memorials by clicking on Mark’s Memories in the left side categories menu.


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