C_J_L Delays, Rochester Bureau Bummed Out

As all of our bureaus know starting with our Chief, I created and extended the Rochester Bureau with “Mini-Trips“, as well as the “Outdoor_Trail_Cam” division. The “Mini_Trips” was an immediate success with 2 tours already produced and used on C_J_L.

However the “Outdoor_Trail_Cam” division is still in pre-stages, with no productions as of this date. And I’m bummed out, depressed.

Just an hour ago I went back down into the river gorge to hopefully hang the Bureau’s new camera, but I saw a lot of evidence of risks. The loss,theft of my camera. And by this I mean, I saw hard core evidence of Drugs, Alcohol and Sex, much less areas being used to sleep. The homeless and partying. I took a few pictures of things, but chose to only post one.

So for the 5th time…the launching of this division has been cancelled.

2 thoughts on “C_J_L Delays, Rochester Bureau Bummed Out”

  1. Such is life, Nick. All we can do is try. You can never fail nor succeed unless you put forth an effort. This deserves a pat on the back and kudos from me because at least you tried. 👏🙏👏👏👍👍👍😎

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