My Oldest Child

A few days ago my son, Mark, remarked he didn’t want flowers when his time came to pass over. I agree as I feel the same way. We both prefer to have some “one on one” with those who know us and if we have any memories, etc. to share them.

So, this morning, I will share with you a few memories of Mark that have stayed with me for 63 years as his birthday is tomorrow.

Gosh, I can’t be that old..LOL

To begin, I remember when his brother, Lyndale was born, he was 22 mos. old. The baby was crying and I went to the kitchen to fix a bottle. We had just came home from hospital.

Lyndale was 3 days old. As I walked down the hallway, here came Mark, carrying his baby brother. Nope, he didn’t drop him, But Mama got a good scare. He was trying to help and Mark has continued all his life to be my helper.

At 7 months, I went to get him out of bed. He was standing up, looking out the window and said, “Doggy“.  Yes, at 7 mos.

At 18 months old, he went into a Sunday School class and came out and said the Bible verse of the day.

At 6 years old, I went to get him up for school. He was reading his Bible, Yes, he could read.

The list is endless.

Later in life he helped me and his sister, Leticia, various times. Once drove all the way to South Carolina to get her and her little ones as they were stranded down there.

Last but not least, when my husband, Jack, was sick and dying, I had to make several trips to hospital. Mark lived in Linton, was a newspaper reporter at the time. He told his employer I needed help, and each time Jack had to be taken to hospital in Terre Haute, I called Mark. Then I would follow ambulance.

He would go to Sullivan School, pick Leticia up and meet me.

He doesn’t realize how much this meant to me and his sister.

The night Jack passed over, Mark, my son, Phillip, and Leticia stood by Jack’s bed for hours.

God has blessed me with wonderful children…

Leticia sang to her Daddy and was only 15 years old, Phillip prayed as Jack would say, I need prayer. Then Mark would quote scripture at Jack’s request.

Yes, Mark, I have ,many wonderful loving and happy memories of you

Love You!!


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  1. Mom, what a beautiful note of memories,joys, and hardships. This is very touching.And I think Mark is one of the greatest, I sincerely mean this. Thank you for sharing your memories and history with us. From the Rochester bureau, WE LOVE YOU!

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