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My Cousin Mark


We have never met, that I can recall, but I feel I know you a little bit through Facebook.

You have had a very interesting life, and I wish I could have seen you perform when you were in a group. I’m presuming you went to different churches.

I know your. Mom had a beautiful voice, so it is in your DNA.

I can also tell in your post, you have a strong faith, but even that sometimes lets us down,so my prayer for you will be, that God grant you the peace you seek!

I don’t think it is morbid either. I talk to my children about my death, some times we cry together. And sometimes we laugh!

But when I do go, I want them to have good memories, and I think your family will have good memories of you!

So that being said, GOD BLESS YOU!

(Joyce is the daughter of my Great-Aunt Dorothy, who was the sister of my Grandma Powell, whose daughter is my Mom, Sharon.)