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Born and raised in missouri came from a family of 6 married in 1976 and still married to the same woman one daughter april and 3 wonderful grandsons. Enjoy guitars traditional country and woodworking as hobbies

Calf Fries – The Original Sack Lunch – Cowboys of Waggoner Ranch

Steam Engine

On our Mini_Trip, we found this jewel at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. This town has what they call old threshers. This was the last week of August.

My Memory

I have gotten acquainted with Mark through my good friend, Slick Nick aka Nicholas Swann, my longtime Twitter friend.

I was introduced to Mark through the Cornfield and i think of them both just like big brothers and through knowing Nick got me a job in the Missouri Bureau.

Those 2 are just like family.

Steak Tonite

Round steak covered with sweet potatoes, green beans and onions.

Cast Iron Cooking

Home made 🍕 tonight Missouri style!

CH Spurgeon Quotes

Gloomy Day

No more than what has shown, it’ll be a long, long, long winter.

Cowboys Love Rhinestones

Sergeant Corbin Logsdon & Striker

Its quite an honor having a relative in this position. Thanks for your service.

And Happy Veterans Day!