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Gearing Up…

Good morning on a cold Sunday at currently 18 degrees. Well this photo should explain itself. Local contractors are bringing their fleets into the city. This contractor here is a sidewalk contractor.

Happy Birthday Chief…

From the Rochester Bureau, we here extend our best thoughts to our CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Mark Ivy on his 63rd birthday.

Happy Birthday Chief!

Climate Change: Polar Bears Starving.

Courtesy National Geographic

Sunday Weather, It’s ’29’ in Rochester

Good morning, everyone.

Well, we got a light dusting of snow last night. Nothing big! However, I just went to the store and saw salt trucks spreading salt and here at the Rochester Bureau crews are salting also. Later this afternoon and maybe tonight more snow, maybe!

The seasons and change, being cold do not bother me, but heavy snows aren’t my favorite!

C_J_L Delays, Rochester Bureau Bummed Out

As all of our bureaus know starting with our Chief, I created and extended the Rochester Bureau with “Mini-Trips“, as well as the “Outdoor_Trail_Cam” division. The “Mini_Trips” was an immediate success with 2 tours already produced and used on C_J_L.

However the “Outdoor_Trail_Cam” division is still in pre-stages, with no productions as of this date. And I’m bummed out, depressed.

Just an hour ago I went back down into the river gorge to hopefully hang the Bureau’s new camera, but I saw a lot of evidence of risks. The loss,theft of my camera. And by this I mean, I saw hard core evidence of Drugs, Alcohol and Sex, much less areas being used to sleep. The homeless and partying. I took a few pictures of things, but chose to only post one.

So for the 5th time…the launching of this division has been cancelled.

The ‘Liberty Pole’, Rochester, NY

Good morning, everyone. On my way home last night, I was at the East and Main intersection. This is where our Liberty pole stands. Each year it is lit during holiday times. The pole is right smack in the middle of the city, a frequent gathering place throughout the year.

It’s right across from where the former midtown indoor mall once stood.

Rochester Bureau Respect!

I met our Chief Editor Mr. Mark Ivy years ago as a fellow journalist on CNN-iReport. I immediately noticed his skill as a wordsmith, citizen journalist. Mark was also up to date with world events and happenings. Very skilled in political writing and opinions.

When CNN iReport went down the drain due to their negligence (my opinion) Mark moved on and founded his own “Citizen Journalist” site. And he’s done a remarkable job with it. This is a hobby for many of us. I really enjoy it.

Also, during this period, “The Chief” has battled an illness. But as you see, the site is still running smooth. And I may add that C_J_L has literally operated from a hospital bed.

A devoted editor?

Big time!

We here at the Rochester bureau hereby dedicate this trophy to our leader with much respect and prayers for a total recovery, and continued success with C_J_L.

The Many Uses of the ‘Grocery Cart’

LOL, strange title, story? The grocery cart was invented on June 4th, 1937 by Sylvan Goldman. The owner of “Humpty Dumpty” stores in Oklahoma. But as you see by the picture its uses have been used for many reasons far from a loaf of bread and gallon of milk. This picture here is the most unique of all I think. It was used by a trucking company that had a steam jenny and they used it for extending the hose. Quite creative. 🙂

Yesteryears’ Swimming Holes

Morning, everyone. I was off yesterday, so I went to where I lived when I was a kid. Had lunch at the local diner and shot some pictures of where we use to swim.

There were a total of 5 places. 3 out of the 5 you could only get to by walking, the other 2 had access by car. The 2 by car I shot.

Picture 2 is my favorite. It was a train trestle. When we were young the train would stop at the depot in the town and take passengers to the city. When it discontinued due to cars and trolleys, the railroad began hauling coal.

This was in the 50’s when we were born.

When it hauled coal, it would stop. We use to climb up on the box cars and jump off.

The good ole days!

Rochester Weather!

Right now in Rochester it’s 26 degrees. We’re looking for a high of 52. It’s chilly.

Have a great day. 🙂