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Rochester Weather

Good morning from Rochester. Right now it’s 58, with a high of 59. Definitely fall weather which I appreciate. 🙂 Winds are NE 15 to 25mph. 80 % possible chance of rain today.

Graffiti Art!

As one of my specialties in photography as our Chief knows is “graffiti“. I have shot 100’s of pictures, done videos on this subject. It’s an amazing art in itself.
Sunday on my way to the gym, I noticed this new piece in the area.

Walmart Fun Times…

Folks, as many of our bureau directors know, our viewing audience, and of course “The Chief” know, there’s a lot of funny pics and happenings at Walmart.
Anyway, yesterday my friend and I visited the local one, as we often do. While walking around I noticed all these costumes and head pieces.
So I decided to “act up” and be part of Walmart’s happenings.

Health & Hygiene

Health and hygiene are imperative, especially in today’s society. I’ve always made a point to stay up on Dr’s and Dentist’s appointments. And the older you get it’s even more important.
If you ever want to treat yourself, or treat a friend, buy a gift certificate to a professional salon that specializes in manicures and pedicures. A nice relaxing hour.
Cutting my toe nails is not my favorite hygiene chore but I make a point of once a month having my feet soaked, cuticles pushed back, and toe nails cut.
The place recommended to me is run by a Vietnamese family. They are very nice people,and pros.

Cast Iron Skillets

Hello everyone. For the most part, all of us have cooked at one time or another for ourselves, and I may add, nothing beats the good old cast iron skillets. I have several.
In fact I have probably one of the biggest ever made for home use. I have the giant one in storage. Plus I have a “dutch oven“, a couple small ones, and a few medium ones.
The one included in this posting is the most common one used.
Cast iron cooking utensils has been traced back to China 2000 years ago, and had early days in the Netherlands.
(Dutch Oven) They’re known for retaining and balancing heat. They actually went into a decline in popularity and have made a comeback.
If cared for, the cast iron skillet will last a lifetime.

Mini_Trips: Historic Erie Canal

Yes folks, I’m enjoying my little “Mini_Trips“.

Historical Cartoon People!

Monday I was on a run and saw this full size image of the famed historical cartoon, “Betty Boop“.  I enjoyed the old cartoons.
Betty Boop made her first appearance August 9, 1930. The cartoon was created by Max Fleischer.

Mini_Trips…Inaugural Post

Hello everyone. Well this is it, my first posting for the 2 new assignments on our C_J_L menu bar. I suggested to the Chief during some recent meetings that I wanted to introduce 2 more assignments to his reporters menu. And the board voted both for both. These 2 new chapters the Chief wants to be added to all bureaus. I strongly support this to give our bureaus more activity.
The first of the 2 I suggested was the “Outdoor,Wildlife” division, and the second, “Mini_Trips”..
I hope you enjoy these. I heard that the Missouri bureau is planning some “Mini_Trips”..

Another Addition to CJL

Breaking news from CJL.
Good evening everyone.
A few weeks ago I introduced the “Outdoor” photo division which is still in beta form. The Chief our editor,owner, and CEO of CJL, Mr. Mark Ivy gave me a pat on the back for it I may add, LOL.
The camera, crews, technicians are all in place, but our scouts are still searching for a secure location without interruption. And things are looking promising due to cooler weather, kids back in school and sportsmen.
But with negotiations recently finished in Indiana (headquarters), another division I’m introducing which the Chief liked is what I’ve titled “Mini_Trips“.
Yup, you got it.
Whether it’s an hour ride on a weekend or the entire weekend, this part of CJL is welcoming our reporters to share what you did to find enjoyment on your time off.
We think this addition will open more doors for all. And I may add, 1 “Mini_Trip” was already filmed this past weekend and is in final production now.
And there’s another “Mini_Trip” scheduled for tomorrow.
Bare with the Rochester Bureau for these releases.
You will enjoy them.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

Hey everybody. Today I was on a job site that was on a farm. I was greeted by Big Tom and his gang, LOL.