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Rochester’s Weekly Weather Lineup!

Where That Man Be?

Yes folks, “Little Otis” waits patiently this morning for his master at the grocery store. Early this morning while making an early breakfast run, I got back into to my car and saw this picture next to me.

C_J_L Trail Cam Tours – Part 2

Hello everyone, here are some excerpts from C_J_L’s pilot test of Trail Cam tours.

Update: Explorer-Trail Cam Division.

Well everyone, after many trips, stakeouts, and lots of patience, the Explorer, Trail Cam division was launched. We went on location Friday afternoon before the storm set in.

The camera was hung.

I feel reasonably safe from theft due to the low low temperatures, and the area in itself. The pilot test will be conducted for about a week before I go back down into the river gorge and check on it.

It’s ‘1’ degree in Rochester.

Good morning everyone. Right now, it’s 1 degree in Rochester. And throughout the week, it will remain below freezing.

Healthy ‘Vittles’

Start your day out with a bowl of Oatmeal and Bananas. Close the day with a nice Shepherd’s Pie with Peas.

Old City Clock!

Well I was taking care of some business this morning and while waiting, I noticed this gem in front of me. I love old city ornaments!
P.S. Right behind it, far off in the right is “Kodak” on State Street, the original mother office.

2 Big jackpots won in 1 week.
Yes folks in the past week, there have been 2 jackpots won totaling almost a “BILLION” dollars!

Rochester Weather, It’s ‘1’, New Years Eve
Good morning everyone. Here at the Rochester bureau it is 1 degree right now.