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An Icon Reporter Arrives for Meeting

Yes folks, the entire office staff are running around the Rochester C_J_L bureau like crazy people. (J/K ) Mike Mounts has arrived via chopper at the Rochester bureau for meetings with the Chief and staff.

Stay tuned.

The Big Guy Flying in Rochester Bureau Meetings

Good evening folks! With all the activity regarding the eclipse and Pres. Trump and his agenda for tonight. The Rochester bureau is busy also.

The Owner,CEOr/Editor in Chief, Mr. Mark Ivy is flying in to Rochester to meet with Michael Mounts regarding him officially joining C_J_L, Rochester bureau. Mr. Mounts is an author, and well read man in today’s events and historical events also. I as G_M of the Rochester bureau think he’d fit right in.

Stay tuned.

Picture 1, Mr. Ivy Owner,CEO, Editor in Chief of CJL.
Picture 2, His private plane.

Eclipsing America

The last time a total eclipse was seen in the US of A was during Woodrow Wilson’s time in the Oval Office back in 1918.
It was the late 1280s when a total eclipse of the sun traversed the Americas the way today’s eclipse traveled.
Next time will be April of 2024, a scant seven years from now.
Question is:
Will President Donald Trump eclipse the headlines about the sun and the moon when he addresses the nation tonight at 9 o’clock with his Southern Asian Plan and what to do about Afghanistan?
The US continues to be bogged down in its longest war in the Graveyard of Empires.

Eclipse Day, The Rochester C_J_L Bureau

Good afternoon to the Chief at headquarters in Indiana, Heyseed at the Missouri Bureau, and Mike here with me at the Rochester Bureau.
These two pictures were taken back to back at 2:10 p.m. ET.
Picture 1 is facing east from the Bureau.
Picture 2 is facing west from the Bureau.

Possible new addition to Rochester C_J_L bureau.

Good morning everyone! Currently there’s a lot of activity at the Rochester Bureau. The Chief is flying in for talks to a possible new reporter, Mr. Michael Mounts.
Mr. Mounts is an active writer with 32 novels written to date.
Pic 1: The office staff are working overtime doing updates, setting up a new office if he joins.
Pic 2: The Editor/CEO, Mr. Mark Ivy flew in and just arrived in his limousine from the airport.
Pic 3: A formal breakfast will be taking place after the meetings.
Have a great Sunday.

C_J_L Opens Missouri Bureau!

Ron Logston from Missouri has just been appointed by our CEO/Editor, Mr. Mark Ivy to run the Missouri bureau.

‘Elvis’ Week

Yes folks, this week is the week for Elvis memories. It’s the 40th anniversary of his death. I remember “The King” and saw him perform at Kleinhans Stadium in Buffalo, New York many years ago.

Recyclables (Plastic) -The Danger Before Us!

Recently I read an article in National Geographic regarding plastics, recycling, pollution to our oceans. According to in depth research, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. The amount of plastic “trash-garbage” in our oceans, by mid century will out number the fish, ton for ton.
Plastic was invented approximately 60 years ago. It takes 400 years to degrade. Being involved in various forms of trucking through the years I see it all the time in landfills and transfer stations.
I’ve enclosed a picture of a plastic bag stuck in a tree. I, we, see it all the time. Both land, water and air are rapidly becoming polluted. 
Special thanks to National Geographic also.

Rochester History!
Like all cities, Rochester New York has a lot of history. Some big time companies were founded and started here. Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, for starters. And behind these big companies were many men and women from many parts of the world.

Just recently, Rochester took a look at some of the areas of the city where immigrants settled. It goes without saying, people settle within their own when moving abroad.
See enclosed News10NBC link above.
In this article Rochester is looking at the northwest side of the city, the Lyell Avenue corridor. Many Italians settled in this area back in the day.
This week starting tomorrow, 8/7/2017, city employees will be putting up markers along the avenue.
Also, a Rochester graffiti artist painted this mural right at the intersection of Lyell and Lake.

Flooding in Rochester

Recently our CEO/Editor Mr. Mark Ivy told me to monitor the flooding problems here at the Rochester bureau.
As many of you I’m sure have heard, a lot of damage has been done to waterfront homes. The erosion of land, homes flooded out, etc. has now got to the point that Governor Andrew Cuomo has enlisted multiple agencies to assist and federal funding is on board.
See WHECNews10 link enclosed.
Yesterday I took a tour and shot a few pictures. As I walked the beach front, I can clearly see the banks, land being eaten away.