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John Deere GP

Found this 40’s something GP in the junkyard. Someone has tried to restore it and done a fairly decent job.

(GP: general purpose)

Wood Carving – Street Art

While on a run I caught this image. I love the world of “art” and how people do this type of thing.

Winter’s Coming

Canoe Paddle Making 101

Lot going on in the Missouri Bureau today. Michael is out for the afternoon.
We are in the process of making a canoe paddle by laminating.

Charcoal Making

Railroad Graffiti

Graffiti is an art “unique” in itself. We have all seen artists of various interests. And then there are the “railroad” graffiti painters. I see this all the time when I’m on the road.

Wood Carving

brother in Christ carved this.
Dwain Stoop’s down in the southern part of Missouri carved this from the Missouri Conservationist magazine.
It’s a piece of red cedar.

‘Brown Foreman Cooperage Barrel Making’

Sawmill Business

This is what we do at my work.
The logs in bottom picture will be debarked and sawed in to staves, check top picture.a
Then we haul the finished product to different wineries and to a bourbon distillery in Kentucky.
The bigger logs go to Edinburgh, Indiana and sold as veneer.
These staves are made in to barrels eventually.  We also make the ends

Wood carvings, Sculpturing!

This wood carving done by a gentlemen nicknamed "Buzz Saw Bob".
This wood carving done by a gentlemen nicknamed “Buzz Saw Bob”.