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My Christmas Tradition?

marksdeninsidemymindIf something occurs two years in a row is that a new tradition?

In the middle of the night – Tuesday, December 22, and Wednesday, December 23, – I found myself waking in total respiratory distress. I managed to call 911 and get an ambulance dispatched.

Next thing you know I am in the Emergency Room at Sullivan Community Hospital. In another hour or so I was transported directly as in-patient to Regional Hospital in Terre Haute.

This made the second Christmas week in a row, including Christmas Day, I have spent in the hospital.

Those who follow my writing know that I have had a premonition for a couple of weeks I may have a relapse. My feeling proved true.

I am home now. After Mom and Bill, how picked me up, dropped me off at home I had a bit of a panic.

The nose piece I need to use the oxygen condsenser was not in the apartment. The EMTs used mine when transporting me to the ER. After two phone calls, the EMTS were back and supplied me with the piece I needed to breathe.

Chooey was beside himself seeing his Daddy home. Dad has been checking on him, feeding/watering him and taking him out. Now am out of the hospital, but having to take it very easy for a few days.

The doc upped my prednisone big time, plus gave me a script for a strong antibiotic. Have to use the air as much as possible – especially whenever I get up to walk.

Plan to sleep in my recliner for the next couple of nights. Easier than trying to sleep in the bed. Both the Sons and the Daughters-in-law checked in on me via text. As did my sister, Leticia, and Mom called.

Dad would stop by and Susie check on me by text as well as meeting us to give me my keys on the way home.

Thank you to all my online friends who checked on me on Facebook as well as by email.

This old bird isn’t down for the count yet. That’s the way it is this Christmas Night in Mark’s Den.

And I hope each of you had a wonderful and blessed day with family and friends.

Feeling the Loss of the ‘Old’ iReport


At times I wonder why I persist.

Yet, no matter the struggle, the skirmish, like the Energizer bunny, I keep going and going and going.

With the changes with CNN’s iReport web site, my connection with the outer world has been brought to a new low. No longer am I getting feedback, getting interaction with other humans.

Yes, I continue to write my posts here Inside My Mind.

Yes, I continue to offer my opinion at From the Cornfield.

Yes, I continue to recap the headlines and current events with Kernels From the Cornfield.

But to what end?

For some reason, people do not comment on my blog posts. People do not seem to read those posts.

The interaction, the reaction, the back and forth came when I shared my thoughts, my writings on iReport.

Now that is gone.

It is not known if it will ever be again.

Though I have been told a new uploader will be added in December to iReport, will it actually allow for posts or will it only be those handpicked by CNN for stories it is covering and only a slight snippet?

Will it eventually once more allow users to comment and interact with one another?

Yes, an online friend, a fellow iReporter, a Facebook contact has begun a group to allow us to continue to share as we did on iReport, but through the social media’s Facebook.

Though only in its second week, the feedback, the commentary has yet to develop. Nor are there signs that will come to pass any time soon.

While my writing tends to be therapeutic for me, without the tete a tete, how therapeutic can it be?

I am becoming more and more an island unto myself, a solitary figure more alone as each day dawns.

That is one of the reasons fro setting up Citizen Journalists Live. The purpose is to try and fill the void left as CNN has abandoned its experiment with citizen journalism as we knew it. What is left at iReport is a quick picture here or there with no interaction, no commentary.

My hope is that others will join Slick Nick, our erstwhile Bureau Chief in Rochester, New York, with posting. We do have some other former iReporters who have registered, but yet to share. I hope they will soon become the contributors I know they can be with excellent reports and paradigms of citizen journalists whom I know they are.

Thus I sit on this fist day of December in Mark’s Den pondering what the future may be of citizen journalism.

First Winter Snow in the Cornfield

Last weekend we had our first snow in the Cornfield. It did not stay around, but was a surprise and unexpected.

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Actions Are What Count

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Words can be powerful. Words can bring peace or war. Words can provide solace or cut deep to the core. But it is not so much what is said that matters, but rather the actions of the one speaking which really count.

At times silence can be deafening and say much more than the spoken words. Silence is tacit action by non-action. Psychologists would call this being passive-aggressive.

So it is that when someone tells you something, it may soon good to the ear and momentarily to the mind. Yet, when the actions or non-actions do not convey what is spoken, it becomes a nightmare and can be quite hurtful.

Thus this Saturday morning in Mark’s Den, I am pondering the reality of actions versus the ethereal words belied.

Ever wanted to be a newspaper or magazine or television reporter, sharing your thoughts, photos or videos with the world?

Now you can!

Go visit Citizen Journalists Live. Register to be a citizen journalist sharing the world around you with the world at large.

Create your “news” story or opinion on a subject and post it for all to see.

Or upload your photos for others to enjoy.

Create a video of breaking news or your fur baby romping and playing. Upload it for others to ooh and ah over.

The link is:

Become a member today and be on your way to being a citizen journalist!

That’s the way it is this rainy weekend morning in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Saturday going?