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How baby carriages have changed.

Like all things with “time”, they change. You name it, generally they change. Cars,trucks,tractors,computers,washers,dryers,etc..
This week while on assignment, I spotted an old old baby carriage. It was posted to C_J_L. Then while doing other work, I came across a few other baby carriages that were part of past stories I did. I noticed a change and wanted to share it.

Genesee Brewery History

Over a century ago here in Rochester the Genesee Brewery was built. The original founders were the Wehle family. And like all businesses, it had its ups and downs. In recent years they have been under going changes, new owners, new beers, demolition of old brewery tanks, and bringing in new tanks.


Over half a century ago in a small town in western New York this place was a Mom and Pop store. It was a pillar of the town. The family was great, friends of mine.
Through the years, attrition, the store closed.
Recently the building was sold and totally remodeled. It’s now a pizza parlor, bar. They did an excellent job with it. Early Wednesday morning I was going through the town and took this picture!

“Junkin & Scrappin”…








As the saying goes, a buck is a buck! Junkin and scrappin has long been an income for many people including myself. Enclosed are some images I have seen through the years.

Making a Buck, Survival!

There’s a few of us here at the site getting up there in years, not old, but getting older, LOL. And I think it’s safe to say that we all have had some trying moments of sorts.
But determination, self belief, etc., can keep us going. Not to say it’s a happy path, but things generally work out.
I have been there a few times. And I’ve seen many others. One of the things I got quite involved with a few times was “the scrapping” business. Both for myself on a small scale, and in a big way with a major company. And then there are the little guys. Cans, bottles, and washing machines so to speak.
Here are a few scenes from the industry I wanted to share!





big crane 2

big craneAuthor & Rochester Bureau Chief: Slick Nick
Published: December 3, 2015