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Hard to believe, but Republicans in the US House of Representative rolled out a reform in the tax code along with a tax cut today.

And what boon it is for American taxpayers!

I mean how it set me heart to flutter listening to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan saying that American families would be keeping $1,129 each year in their paycheck!

Whatever can an average family not do with extra money?

We are talking here of nearly a whopping $22 per week!

I tell ya, the sky’s the limit now!

From the Cornfield, no wonder the lawmakers who drafted the bill and reform are strutting and beaming, crowing to the world about such a substantial tax cut!

What, if you are an average family of four, going to do with your big windfall?

Full Disclosure: I am not eligible for the big money. 🤣😭🤔

Corn, Corn, Corn

Across the Midwest the moisture tested high. Early on corn prices being so low, farmers have opted to let it dry naturally rather than shelling it, putting it in the bin and buying propane for whatever price it cost.
And of course, to the supermarket, to the world and Cargill. all think just the opposite – worried about yield loss.
Common sense goes a long ways in this life.

For Whom Doth the Taxman Cometh?

One of the biggest issues facing members of Congress and in the headlines is tax reform.

But from where do the tax dollars come?

Who is paying the biggest slice of the tax pie?

This new study from Pew Research paints a clear picture.

For all the talk about making sure the Middle Class reaps the lion’s share of benefit from reforming the tax code, it is not that sector of American society which pays anywhere the most of the tax burden. In fact, the Middle Class does not even contribute 5% of the haul each April. 

Yet when looked at from the perspective of who has the means and stash of disposable cash to shell out in taxes, the Middle Class does come up short. A cut in the rate would be a boon for most in the mid sphere of the US economy.

Some 48% of the money sent to the government comes from individual income tax returns. Compare this to the lament about the corporate rate, reputed to be among the highest in the world, but only results in 9% of total federal revenue.

Do we need tax reform?

Should the Middle Class get priority?

Based off the percentage from corporations flowing to the government coffers, is a tax cut needed? Will the theory of “trickle down economics” produce or prove to be “voodoo economics“?

From the Cornfield, read the full study (

Then, answer these questions.

Bass Pro Shop Merges with Cabelas

Gas Prices, 9/2/17 – 9/9/17, Rochester

Here is gas prices changes from above dates, 1 week.

Junkin & Scrappin.

World’s Largest Old Car Junkyard: Old Car City U.S.A.

The recycling business. A multi-billion dollar business. I have been involved with this business in many ways through the years. It’s big business.

Gas Prices, Rochester, 9/2/2017.

With Hurricane Harvey leaving his calling card with us recently, there is mumbling of gas prices going up.
Here’s yesterdays prices at Speedway here in the city.
What’s the price in you area?

Sawmill Business

This is what we do at my work.
The logs in bottom picture will be debarked and sawed in to staves, check top picture.a
Then we haul the finished product to different wineries and to a bourbon distillery in Kentucky.
The bigger logs go to Edinburgh, Indiana and sold as veneer.
These staves are made in to barrels eventually.  We also make the ends

Bang for Buck?

Not getting enough bang for your hard-earned buck?

Lord knows I am not in the Cornfield! And yet compared to the rest of the nation, the Ohio River Valley states do better. That is all, but liberal Illinois.

Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio have more healthy bangs for bucks.

From the Cornfield, make your dollar go farther – move to a conservative state in the Heartland.