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Rutledge Meat Processing

Now you know my secret to a great meal.


Church pot luck today. We are taking a cherry, as well as an apple crisp.

More Desserts

For church pot luck today: homemade cherry and 🍎 crisps.
Yum yum,” Grandpa Jones would say.

Sloppy Joes

Cast Iron Skillets

Hello everyone. For the most part, all of us have cooked at one time or another for ourselves, and I may add, nothing beats the good old cast iron skillets. I have several.
In fact I have probably one of the biggest ever made for home use. I have the giant one in storage. Plus I have a “dutch oven“, a couple small ones, and a few medium ones.
The one included in this posting is the most common one used.
Cast iron cooking utensils has been traced back to China 2000 years ago, and had early days in the Netherlands.
(Dutch Oven) They’re known for retaining and balancing heat. They actually went into a decline in popularity and have made a comeback.
If cared for, the cast iron skillet will last a lifetime.

Sunday Dinner

Pot roast at the manor this afternoon see recipe posted earlier.

Best Pot Roast Ever

Get the recipe:

From the Kitchen: Crock Pot Chicken

Crock pot chicken
This recipe calls for 4 skinless breast place in bottom of crock.
Top with a package of Fiesta Ranch Dip
1 can of corn
1 can of black beans
1 can of Ro-Tel tomatoes
2 blocks of cream cheese
Cook on medium heat or until done.
You can eat this on a tortilla shell or use scoops or just use a bowl.
From the kitchen of  Mrs. Heyseed

Lunch Time!

For this, chicken is marinated with teriyaki sauce. Let marinate over night. Bake the chicken @350 degrees.
I used baby spinach with boiled eggs, sliced cucumbers, diced onions, sliced tomatoes and shredded cheese.
Serve on top the chicken along with your favorite salad dressing.
Chicken salad

Fried cucumbers

The good thing is you can also use green tomatoes sliced or zucchini as well as cucumbers
Peel and slice cucumbers to desired thickness. Roll in flour and put in skillet with vegetable oil medium heat.
Suggestion: Have oil warm before you start.