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Update: ‘The New Show’

Last night the director of the Missouri bureau, Mr. Logston announced he and his wife, Mrs. Heyseed would be featuring recipes to the new cooking show upcoming. And he made a quote to me regarding some of his hobbies, western style, blue grass etc. He also mentioned crockpot and “dutch oven” cooking.
Well I’d like to add a bit to that piece.
I’m an old black iron skillet man. I have a few of them including a “DUTCH OVEN“.
I threw a 1 liner to Ron and mentioned my all time favorite my Dad use to cook for us. I’m practicing myself on making good beef stew.
I just wanted to share this with our readers and wish the Heyseed cooking show the best of luck to our site. With a special thanks to Mrs. Heyseed.

New Show

Hey guys thanks for the vote of confidence.
We will start adding the recipes to these gourmet meals.
Also Nick, you know how I like the Western lifestyle. Look for some chuck wagon, Dutch oven, crock pot meals, Chicago style deep dish 🍕 and Oriental dishes.

Fried Cucumbers

Mrs. Heyseed is frying me up some cucumbers.

Sunday Dinner

Smoked chicken with corn on the cob topped with baby carrots, red potatoes and sliced onions.

Mind Break

Here’s something to take your mind away from today’s problems:

Labor Day Chow

I may have not been able to get out of Mark’s Den and enjoy a cookout with family and friends, but that did not mean I could not have a healthy, delicious meal.
Chowing down tonight on barbecued pork chops, creamed green peas and salad with ranch dressing and bacon bits with a dab of chipotle for spice.
Yes, and Chooey got the bones.

What’s for Supper, Mark?

Homemade chicken spaghetti noodle soup!
Throw in some corn and green beans to get your veggies along with a little flour to provide thickening.
Yum! Yum!


Supper Time!

Chooey: “I want some too, Daddy!”

Creamed peas, fried potatoes, smoked sausage – charred – on a rainy Thursday evening.

What’s for Supper?

Macaroni & cheese with buttered corn along side homemade cheddar/garlic ham biscuits.