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Walmart Fun Times…

Folks, as many of our bureau directors know, our viewing audience, and of course “The Chief” know, there’s a lot of funny pics and happenings at Walmart.
Anyway, yesterday my friend and I visited the local one, as we often do. While walking around I noticed all these costumes and head pieces.
So I decided to “act up” and be part of Walmart’s happenings.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

Hey everybody. Today I was on a job site that was on a farm. I was greeted by Big Tom and his gang, LOL.

Stuck in the Road

Lol Came across this one today in my run south. They need to make those dolly legs fold-a-ble.

A Skilled Driver!

In this day and age, you see just about everything. The good, the bad, the ugly, and don’t forget the ignorant“.
As a commercial driver myself, I must say, I see some real winners.
Please check this out!

A Well-Educated Teacher!

Folks I ask you, do you think it’s safe to say that this teacher majored in “spelling“?

Missouri Bureau Adds New Show!

Recently the Missouri bureau opened. And since that day there has been a flurry of activity and news stories. Mr. Logston has been very busy.
One thing that stands out are his recent posts on food. From Sunday dinner specialties, to weekday healthy meals.
The new shows name will be, “Cooking with Mrs. Heyseed“.
The new show will be co-produced by Mrs. Heyseed.
We are pleased to have this new addition at the Missouri Bureau.

Dumpster Diving!

Yes folks, there’s all kinds of ways to make a buck in the world. This man has a talented, unique method.

Unique Fireplace, Chimney – What Is Missing?

I was on a run today and caught this piece of masonry art.
But what is missing?
The house, the barn, the shop?  LOL
After putting a lot of thought to it, I think maybe it’s the homemade stove,  grill, oven for the Heyseed family up yonder in the St. Lou area.
Heyseed, as you know, recently joined C_J_L and is the Manager of the Missouri Bureau.
The Heyseed family fixes some mighty fine “viddles” on Sunday!

C_J_L, Rochester bureau extending photo division.

Good afternoon folks.
As many of you know, the Rochester C_J_L bureau is always busy. There’s 22 floors of offices, studios, conference rooms, etc.
As director and lead photo journalist of the bureau, I decided to expand our photography division. Yup, I just bought an outdoor “wildlife” camera as it’s called.
It’ll be a week or 2 before this division is totally in operation. I first have to learn how to use it (operating manuals get me going, LOL). But I do have a few extremely tech savvy friends.
But then safe sites have to be surveyed, some by car/truck, and of course the C_J_L chopper.
I’m looking forward to this. Stay tuned. 🙂

An Icon Reporter Arrives for Meeting

Yes folks, the entire office staff are running around the Rochester C_J_L bureau like crazy people. (J/K ) Mike Mounts has arrived via chopper at the Rochester bureau for meetings with the Chief and staff.

Stay tuned.