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The Many Uses of the ‘Grocery Cart’

LOL, strange title, story? The grocery cart was invented on June 4th, 1937 by Sylvan Goldman. The owner of “Humpty Dumpty” stores in Oklahoma. But as you see by the picture its uses have been used for many reasons far from a loaf of bread and gallon of milk. This picture here is the most unique of all I think. It was used by a trucking company that had a steam jenny and they used it for extending the hose. Quite creative. 🙂

Tenants Are Funny!

Folks, when we have trash, we are told, taught, to put it in the trash room, as I recall. Whether it’s your own home or apartment.

It promotes cleanliness, right?

Well evidently some tenant here, where I am, became upset that this box was put in the trash room and chose to put it in the common room where we sit and visit, read, etc.

People are funny! LOL

Can Nosed Craziness

A Funny Picture, Name Meaning

Here’s a unique picture. And I may add, that our Chief Editor, owner of this Journalism site, Mr. Ivy, a great wordsmith, will understand my humor with this picture and posting.
The word “hybrid” means the offspring of 2 different animals, plants, species.
As I look closely at the picture, all of the bugs, insects are of the same species, LOL. It’s unique how they all met up here on the “hybrid bucket“.

Work place humor!

Yes folks, we all know that some days at work can get to you. And nothing is better than a bit of humor.
Yesterday I brought a load of demolition into the transfer station. I raised the box and dumped out the concrete, woods, boards, etc.
As I lowered the box, I saw Charlie, our loader operator, walk behind the truck. When the box was lowered, I got out to lock the tailgate and saw this.

Walmart Fun Times…

Folks, as many of our bureau directors know, our viewing audience, and of course “The Chief” know, there’s a lot of funny pics and happenings at Walmart.
Anyway, yesterday my friend and I visited the local one, as we often do. While walking around I noticed all these costumes and head pieces.
So I decided to “act up” and be part of Walmart’s happenings.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

Hey everybody. Today I was on a job site that was on a farm. I was greeted by Big Tom and his gang, LOL.

Stuck in the Road

Lol Came across this one today in my run south. They need to make those dolly legs fold-a-ble.

A Skilled Driver!

In this day and age, you see just about everything. The good, the bad, the ugly, and don’t forget the ignorant“.
As a commercial driver myself, I must say, I see some real winners.
Please check this out!