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The big “64” today!

Labor day, birthday!
Yes folks, each year we all have a day in which we celebrate our special day as they say, our birthdays! And today is mine, I hit the big 64 today. Have a great day all.

About that Red Line, Mr. President


Remember back in the midst of the 2012 presidential election cycle when President Barack Obama in his quest for re-election stood up before the whole world and drew a red line in the sand and dared Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad to cross it?

What did Assad do?

He crossed it of course.

Then remember how the President tried to back away and disclaim responsibility for the red line?

Speaking at a news conference in Sweden back on September 4, 2013 had this to say:

“It’s not my red line.”

The President then went on to say, “I didn’t set a red line, the world did…This debate is about the world’s red line. It’s about humanity’s red line…about Congress’s own red line.”

It all had to do with the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on its own people.

Russia rode in like a knight on a white horse to save the President from having to back up his threat to Syria crossing his red line.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 12, 2013 proposed and Syria’s embattled President Bashar al Assad apparently agreed to placing the chemical weapons stockpile under the control and direct supervision of the international community.

With the proposal on the table, Obama while stating the US had a moral obligation to punish the Syrian regime for use of chemical weapons, called on Congress not to vote on his request for authorization of use of force until the diplomatic solution from Putin played out.

Putin, Assad and even the United Nations watchdog pronounced to the world months later that Syria had turned over all its chemical weapons. The regime no longer had the capability of using these banned weapons on its own people.

Skip ahead to the past couple of months and even this week.

For at least the fifth time, the Syrian regime has used chemicals on its own people. The latest attack this week was the use of chlorine gas. There have been three other instances of chlorine gas attacks, one attack of mustard gas and one of Sarin, which have been documented.

All of these since supposedly Syria gave up its chemical stockpiles.

Yet the media is not saying much about it. Not just in the US of A, but in Europe there is little outcry about the blatant disregard once more to the President’s red line.

Shame once more, Mr. President. Over and over, your policies have allowed innocents to die at the hands of a madman.

On Thursday, Mr. President, you received a letter from 29 of 35 doctors left in the besieged city of Aleppo, Syria asking the US to provide safety to medical facilities which are attacked every 17 hours not by just the Syrian regime, but by Russian forces backing Assad.

The White House merely acknowledged it received the letter – but nothing more.

Like your red line, Mr. President, apparently this humanitarian crisis will also be ignored.

From the Cornfield, in the current political season, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is asking the American people to elect her to be the third term of the Obama presidency.

Are moving red lines, which mean nothing, and turning deaf ears to the cries of 300,000 people facing death due to the war crime of attacking medical facilities what the American people want to see continue?

Winter isn’t over yet!

 What a difference a day makes. Picture 1 is yesterday around this time, and picture 2 was at approx. 8 this morning. As you can see, there's a bit of a change, and yes in the temperature too, LOL. Last night we were in question as to how much snow would fall, but as you see we got a light dusting. So, bundle up, keep warm folks!
What a difference a day makes. Picture 1 is yesterday around this time, and picture 2 was at approx. 8 this morning.
As you can see, there’s a bit of a change, and yes in the temperature too, LOL.
Last night we were in question as to how much snow would fall, but as you see we got a light dusting. However, our local weather people at News10NBC, Kevin, Rich, Josh, Amanda and Josh K here in Rochester are cautioning us that things may change tonight and tomorrow.
So, bundle up, keep warm folks!


Bernie Sanders opens Rochester Office!

Friday evening on my way home from services, I rode by Presidential hope fulls new Rochester office. Friday was opening day for Sanders Rochester office. The ceremony started at 5 and ended at 7. The office is located at 1137 Culver road. An old part of the city. When I was riding by, the opening had just closed but there were still supporters going in and out.
According to local news reports, it’s unclear if Sanders will be stopping in Rochester.

Monday’s Rochester weather outlook.

Good morning everyone, it's 27 in Rochester. It'll be cool all day. Our main concern is the possible storm Wednesday/Thursday. According to a early forecast this morning, it may miss us and just rain.
Good morning everyone, it’s 27 in Rochester. It’ll be cool all day. Our main concern is the possible storm Wednesday/Thursday. According to a early forecast this morning, it may miss us and just rain.

Policy Fail Again for Obama!


On a night when President Barack Obama planned to make a victory lap, highlighting the wins of his two-term Administration, Iran has cast a dark shadow on the State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress.

The Persian nation, long a pariah in the international community, has seized two small US Navy boats in the Persian Gulf. Ten American sailors, including one woman, have been, according to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard been arrested after one of the boats is alleged to have had engine trouble and ran aground on an Iranian island.

This is also on the eve of the release of $150 billion to the regime for agreeing to an international deal to limit its nuclear ambitions.

Never mind that the President did not press for nor has yet to secure the release of four Americans being held illegally by Iran before reaching any deal with the Iranians or that the nation fired live rockets within 1,500 feet of Navy vessels last month, this gives the President’s foreign policy yet another black eye and proves how ineffective that policy is and has been.

When will this President realize and wake up to the fact you cannot talk your way to peace with radicals and jihadists?

The only bright spot is that this is the last year of this Administration and the last address by this President to Congress. Our long national nightmare may soon be over.

But for now 10 American sailors are being held captive by the most belligerent and bellicose segment of the Iranian military. Iran says it will release the sailors and the boats. The Administration is stressing there were no sinister motives while the Iranian press details the weapons seized and how the Americans were arrested.

Time to stop playing nice.

Time to stop the release of the money.

Time to demand not only the release of our sailors, but also the other four Americans being illegally detained.

From the Cornfield, how many more fails before the President stops his Neville Chamberlain act?

It has never worked and never will. Radicals do not play by the rules and only understand might.

Changing Climate


Since the beginning of time the climate has changed. The old adage remains true that no one can 100% of the time predict the weather. On these two points there has been little to no disagreement.

What has been in contention from before these first 15 years of the 21st Century is the impact that mankind has had and is having on climate change and the weather.

In the wee hours of the morning today, representatives from 195 nations around the world agreed to an ambitious goal of keeping the average temperature from rising by 2 degrees.

Question is whether all the signatories can get their respective country’s confirming bodies to agree to the accord.

The acceptance of mankind’s impact on the climate has been universally accepted with one major exception – the United States of America. Congress is already advancing proposed legislation to negate the US involvement with the Paris Climate Change forum.

Most members of Congress do not deny climate change is real, but argue over humanity’s impact and whether humans can do anything about it.

Yes, there are those with their heads buried in the sand who seem to even reject naturally occurring climate change.

The concern over climate change has been pronounced from President Barack Obama, his Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security as well as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as being the number one threat to Americans’ safety and security – even more so that terrorist activity, foreign and domestic.

Outside the US, the other concerns over whether the Paris Accord may be accomplished are with China, India and Brazil – the big three, rising industrial and technological giants.

China is of special concern. Especially when you consider this past week that the Chinese government issued its first-ever red alert due to the severity of smog in the capitol of Beijing.

Most “climate change deniers” in the US seem to be Evangelicals and other Christian believers when you listen to some lawmakers who cite faith as part of the reason for their denial that the climate is changing.

Yet if Christians are to be true followers of the Christ, one of the prime directives from God is to be “good stewards of the Earth.”

Most fellow Christians I know do believe in conservation, proper tillage rotation, keeping the land free of trash and debris, doing what they can to decrease the misuse and abuse of energy and energy supplies.

For many people I have talked with over the years it comes down to dollars and cents. Yes, preserve the planet for future generations, but do not break the piggy bank to do it.

The new pact is being held as a monumental achievement, but it sorely lacking on actually doing anything. The nearly 200 nations only agreed to develop plans to prevent Earth from warming 2 degrees – nothing more. And the signatory nations are not required to do so, only agree to consider to do so.

So what good or how effective is this deal? From the Cornfield, while it is laudable that nations are talking about lessening the human footprint and causation on the changing climate this is too much ado about nothing.

Tell me what you think.

An Act of Terror

cornfieldlogoNo matter the motivation, the deadly attack in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday, November 27, 2015, was an act of terror.

The standoff, the slaying of three innocents and wounding of nine others result in terrorizing a community, the state and the nation.

Put the politics and ideology aside. Stop walking on egg shells.

This was terrorism.

Most acts of mass killings are acts of terror.

The mayhem and slaughter at a theater in Aurora, Colorado a few years ago resulted in terror for not only the victims, but also the city and nation. The deadly rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, was a terrorist act. The shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee was terrorist in nature. I could go on and on.

These type of lethal events are acts of terror.

The shooting of a nine-year-old boy in a Chicago alley was a terrorist act. Although it appears to have been a fatal result of an ongoing gang war, the result was spreading even more fear, terror and anger in the community.

Let us call things what they are. There is no reason to be sensitive in these cases. Throw political correctness out the window.

It is wrong for politicians, including President Barack Obama, to try and turn this into a political argument. It is wrong for presidential candidates to attempt to raise money and shoot arrows over this tragedy.

Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism.

If in fact this deranged individual who holed up in a Planned Parenthood facility unleashing his deadly derangement, the result is still the same. He not only murdered innocents, he terrorized the community.

From the Cornfield, there is no justification for such action. No matter the motivation, this was wrong. Let the full brunt of the law come down on his head.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, the community.

The new terrorism era


The new terrorist era started on 9/11/2001

continued in paris and Spain

now back in paris 11/13/2015

now San Bernardino County USA

whats next?

i wonder if all of this has to do with the upcoming elections in the USA

new gun laws?

Who will end up winning

the Gop

or the Democrats

enough of bloodshed

enough of innocent victims dying

no more terrorism no more fear

fear makes your vibration go down

some groups use fear as. Weapon for making people vibration go lower and the lower it gets the power grows

who are we giving the power to?


Citizen Pundit & Mexico Bureau Chief: Lorenais
Published: December 2, 2015