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Health & Hygiene

Health and hygiene are imperative, especially in today’s society. I’ve always made a point to stay up on Dr’s and Dentist’s appointments. And the older you get it’s even more important.
If you ever want to treat yourself, or treat a friend, buy a gift certificate to a professional salon that specializes in manicures and pedicures. A nice relaxing hour.
Cutting my toe nails is not my favorite hygiene chore but I make a point of once a month having my feet soaked, cuticles pushed back, and toe nails cut.
The place recommended to me is run by a Vietnamese family. They are very nice people,and pros.

Republican Leaders: No Obamacare Repeal

Republican leaders: Senate won’t vote on Obamacare repeal.

Recyclables (Plastic) -The Danger Before Us!

Recently I read an article in National Geographic regarding plastics, recycling, pollution to our oceans. According to in depth research, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. The amount of plastic “trash-garbage” in our oceans, by mid century will out number the fish, ton for ton.
Plastic was invented approximately 60 years ago. It takes 400 years to degrade. Being involved in various forms of trucking through the years I see it all the time in landfills and transfer stations.
I’ve enclosed a picture of a plastic bag stuck in a tree. I, we, see it all the time. Both land, water and air are rapidly becoming polluted. 
Special thanks to National Geographic also.

Hailey Sent Me a Letter

Me (Chooey) and Daddy (Mark)
As most of you may know by now, my Daddy has been told his life has a limit. This has made me rather protective of him more than ever. But then again he is my Daddy.
The other day I received this letter from y sister-in-law Hailey, who is married to my brother Kevin. If you can, please help my Daddy.
My sister-in-law Hailey visiting Daddy and Me (Chooey)
Hailey’s letter:
Hailey would like you to support:
Support and Healing for Mark Ivy 
by making a donation and helping spread the word.


I’m Kevin Ivy, son of Mark Ivy, and I’m writing to request help from anyone who has the means.

On September 2, 2014, my Dad was diagnosed with disseminated histoplasmosis, a fungal infection. The infection is fatal if left untreated. For 2 1/2 years he lived under a death sentence being misdiagnosed with a non-specific bacterial infection which left his right lung a “dried up sponge” and non-functioning. He was aggressively treated for the infection with antifungals. The treatment ended October of 2015 and fortunately did not take two years.

On May 9, 2017, Dad’s lung specialist informed him that he has possibly six months to live if the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the damage caused by the histoplasmosis, ran its normal course. Dad is now on hospice at home. Although he is content and ready to cross over the river to the other side, we want to make the transition as painless and comfortable as possible – both physically and financially. This means we need help covering the extra expenses Dad and Iohn are now facing.

If you’ve ever known Mark you would know how much he loves and appreciates his family. Our family has a long history of caring for others, having a big heart, reaching out when no one else will even to those we do not know or are friends and acquaintenances. The number of fundraisers, benefits, biker rides and other charitable activity to help others has been appreciated through the years. Now we need to come together and help Dad.

Dad needs someone there to help daily – which is Iohn. It is necessary to have someone to help with certain medicines, cooking, cleaning, etc. Due to being full-time help for Dad, Iohn cannot work and will use the money raised here for daily living expenses. The rest of the family are unable to assist due to distance, age, financial or medical conditions and I am eternally grateful to Iohn for stepping up to take care of my Dad while I am 1,000 miles away in Texas.

I am not normally one to resort to asking for financial help, but at this stage there is no other option. Can we do for Dad in his hour of need as we have done for so many others?

Even if you can contribute only a little, every dollar counts in aiding in Dad’s care and recovery. Thank you for your time and your help. And if you can’t give, we always appreciate your thoughts and prayers as well. God bless.

Me (Chooey) with my Brother Kevin and Iohn and Frankie in the background.


Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Good Friday, everyone!

Seems as if it has been forever since I have been able to communicate what has been happening Inside My Mind.

The past couple of weeks have been a whir of active inactivity. I spent five days back in Regional Hospital and went through three visits to the Emergency Room – twice to Regional and once to Sullivan Community.

Tuesday this week I received the word from my lung doctor, Ajay Deshpande.

If the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – chronic bronchitis – continues on its current course it may run that journey within the next months.

All the repeated trips to the ER, the long-term hospital stays and constant pneumonia attacks were zapping not only my energy, but the life from my body.

The doctor said the best direction at this time was to prepare and go to hospice – at home – not a facility. My chances were better being able to stay home than repeatedly having to call 911 and run to the ER for admittance.

The risk is at an all-point high that I will continue to be afflicted by pneumonia, which is what is – to be blunt – killing me.

I have communicated with my family.

I am at peace and content, come what may. I am ready to go home.

That does not mean that it has not been depressing and a heavy weight.

On the good side, as my nurse, Tabitha, told me – instead of calling for an ambulance and running to the hospital, they, Heart to Heart Hospice, bring the hospital to me in Mark’s Den.

My sons, my daughters-in-law and my adorable three granddaughters will all be here together on Sunday, June 11, for the first get together we have had in four years. This had already been planned.

There will be good days.

There will be bad days.

When I am able, I hope to continue to share both here as well as return to my daily recap of the news, Kernels From the Cornfield, and give my opinion on whatever at From the Cornfield.

I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

That’s the way it is this sunny day in the Cornfield.

And how is your Friday going?

Home Again, Right Where I Belong

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Many years ago I wrote a song called, “Home Again, Right Where I Belong.” Today that song is ringing true.

Here I am in all my morning glory today. LOL But I am home!
Here I am in all my morning glory today. LOL But I am home!

As many of my faithful readers know, I was once more rushed to the Emergency Room on Sunday. First it was to Sullivan Community Hospital then transferred up to Regional Hospital for a short stay.

A bad bacterial infection had attacked me Friday evening after I had taken it to the limit. I had hoped to hang in there until Monday and call the doctor.

It was not meant to be.

The plan was to go to the ER, get stabilized and a script for an antibiotic. But on Saturday night, my fever spiked to 103.7. The ER doc, Dr. Oates, contacted my pulmonologist, Dr. Deshpande.

Next thing I know I was transferred to Regional. The techs took me straight to my room. Within 10 minutes, Dr. Deshpande was there. After heavy quantities of high dosage antibiotics and super-strong cortisteriod, I was sprung yesterday afternoon.

A few pics of me in the hospital - again!
A few pics of me in the hospital – again!

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Instead of the usual dosage of 500 mg of levoquin, I came home with 750 mg to take for five days.

But I am home.

Now as anyone who has been deluged with massive intravenous antibiotics knows, once stopped, it sure can clean out a body’s system. Such has been the case since yesterday.

Now it is getting life back to normal.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den on this Hump Day.

And how is your Wednesday going?