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In memory of Mark.

Rochester last in job growth.

Old city homes.

Her favorite vehicle is a “Toe” truck.

A day at the salt mine.

Where That Man Be?

Yes folks, “Little Otis” waits patiently this morning for his master at the grocery store. Early this morning while making an early breakfast run, I got back into to my car and saw this picture next to me.

Missouri Today

Check out what is happening in Missouri today:

The Many Uses of the ‘Grocery Cart’

LOL, strange title, story? The grocery cart was invented on June 4th, 1937 by Sylvan Goldman. The owner of “Humpty Dumpty” stores in Oklahoma. But as you see by the picture its uses have been used for many reasons far from a loaf of bread and gallon of milk. This picture here is the most unique of all I think. It was used by a trucking company that had a steam jenny and they used it for extending the hose. Quite creative. 🙂

Breaking News!!!! – Lauer Out!

NBC fires ‘Today Show’ host Matt Lauer after inappropriate workplace behavior: report

C_J_L turns 2 – The ‘Big Top’

Yes folks as of November 27, C_J_L has turned 2. Founded, owned and operated by Mr. Mark Ivy, Editor in Chief.

C_J_L has national and international bureaus.

Here’s a picture of where the annual ceremony and awards function will be taking place.