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The Squirrel :)

These mammals are all over, you see them everywhere. From your home back and front yards, to apartment complexes, etc. And they can be annoying, running around, bopping out in front of cars. And they don’t hibernate. So they are around most of the time. However, when it gets brutally cold, they stay in their dens.
To add a bit of humor to this, I’m sure many of you have heard the saying, “Oh that guy is squirrely“. LOL In fact I remember a driver I use to work with his nickname was “Squirrel“.
Yes folks, squirrels have made a name for themselves. Even streets are named after them. LOL

‘Elvis’ Week

Yes folks, this week is the week for Elvis memories. It’s the 40th anniversary of his death. I remember “The King” and saw him perform at Kleinhans Stadium in Buffalo, New York many years ago.

Old German’ Neighborhood

Folks on behalf of R_Logston, from our Missouri C_J_L Bureau due to technical difficulties he’s having, he asked me to share this with our viewers at C_J_L.
The picture is from the old German neighborhood in Bethel, Missouri.

Old Country ‘Stone” Bridge

While on a run yesterday I remembered this bridge. I have been meaning to shoot a picture of it but the timing wasn’t right. But yesterday it was. This is on Route 39 in Avon, New York. It has held its age quite well. I enjoy seeing old bridges, especially the old iron ones.

Old Ford ‘Fire’_Truck

I’m always on the move as head of the Rochester C_J_L bureau. And I cover a lot of miles. Yesterday I came across yet “another” old fire truck. This one isn’t anywhere near as old as last weeks that I posted. This is an F_750 if I remember correctly. But I venture to say it’s 30 to 40 years old. I didn’t get chance to get the year.

The Rochester C_J_L Bureau

Picture 1, C_J_L Rochester national and international bureau.
Picture 2, The corporate yacht.
Picture 3, The corporate chopper.
Picture 4, The corporate rail car.
Picture 5, Main floor entrance to bureau.

Rochester History!
Like all cities, Rochester New York has a lot of history. Some big time companies were founded and started here. Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, for starters. And behind these big companies were many men and women from many parts of the world.

Just recently, Rochester took a look at some of the areas of the city where immigrants settled. It goes without saying, people settle within their own when moving abroad.
See enclosed News10NBC link above.
In this article Rochester is looking at the northwest side of the city, the Lyell Avenue corridor. Many Italians settled in this area back in the day.
This week starting tomorrow, 8/7/2017, city employees will be putting up markers along the avenue.
Also, a Rochester graffiti artist painted this mural right at the intersection of Lyell and Lake.

Hitching a Ride

A little earlier this morning, I scooted to the store for some breakfast preparations. This guy decided to ride along. I invited him to stay, but he declined.

Antique ‘Fire Truck’…

While at work yesterday, I needed some tools. So I went into 1 of our shops that I hadn’t yet been into. I discovered this old treasure. She’s either a 1941 or 1946. One of my bosses toys.

Old Cars, History!

Yes folks, here’s an old Ford. I believe it’s a 1956. A pure classic, a fine piece of machinery!