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Climate Change: Polar Bears Starving.

Courtesy National Geographic

Salmon Run: C_J_L Outdoor Wildlife Location.

Yes everyone, the Rochester C_J_L Bureau is getting restless and impatient, but soon things will break I think.
This past weekend I made another hike down into the river gorge checking on a site to place my camera. But there were still visitors to the area. So, I cancelled hanging the camera.
But I think this coming week, our Thanksgiving week, I will do it. I’m getting the vibes.
Anyways, as I was marching around I came across a lot of dead salmon.
The area I plan to place the camera has been a busy place for years for salmon fishing. After they spawn many of their lives end, and others get washed ashore due to weather. flooding, etc. I saw several dead salmon down there as you see.
These pictures are what I saw this past Sunday.
Stay tuned.
Note: Look at the last picture, the area I will be shooting for C_J_L is an historic Indian site.

Critical Flooding!

As you see people, the flooding has not weakened much. These pictures I shot this morning within half a mile of each other. We have been getting constant flood warnings daily.

As our Editor in Chief says, “Mother Nature gets Hissy“.


Durand Beach, Irondequoit: Flooding Problems

This afternoon I did one of my beach-nature tours.

Things are not good at a local beach many of us visit. The flooding has caused terrible erosion of the shorelines as well as other problems.

But on a good note, there was a real sportsman out there just rowing away. LOL

Because of this flooding, the beach has been closed down.

Rochester Weather!

Right now it’s 50 in Rochester. We’re looking for a high of 61, a low of 49. Possible chance of rain-showers, 90%.

Have a great Sunday from the Rochester Bureau.

November Is Here

Well folks, November has called upon us. And I like November, always have. Plus Thanksgiving too.
Here is a picture taken the last weekend in October at the Rochester Bureau.
Today we reached a high of 45, tonight’s low 43, with showers on and off thru the week.

Wildlife Camera

Nick, anywhere over on that east bank of the Mississippi would work.

New Kid in Town

There’s a new kid on the block.

Not sure if it is a male or female or what it is.

Daddy thinks it’s a beaver. Grandma thinks it’s a groundhog.

No matter what it is, it is not getting close to Mark’s Den! Or my name’s not Chooey!

Dust Storm

Captured this last evening had a lot of wind . The cloud above the trees and building is dust. As Johnny Cash sang we ain’t seen the rain since I don’t know when.
Thankful for storms and no damage.
And on that note, happy Lord’s day and I hope that if you are able to get out, attend the church of your choice.

C_J_L Outdoor, Wildlife Photo Division Update

Good morning everyone!
Yesterday I took my “third” scouting hike for my new camera. As you can see by the pictures I’ve enclosed, this is a prime area with the woodlands and river.
However I’m not the only visitor.
After 2.20 minutes of monitoring fishermen, pacing and tramping through the woods and weeds, I decided to take a chance. I shimmied up the side of a tree and hung the camera.
It was reasonably concealed.
As I was doing it, I noticed movement below. Three of the 4 fishermen packed up and started up the long hill trail coming directly at me.
So I removed the camera and decided to wait until colder weather when there’s less activity. It was a total of 2.5 hours to the minute I spent down there, but well worth it. I’d hate to have the camera stolen.
Better safe than sorry!