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Wildlife Camera

Nick, anywhere over on that east bank of the Mississippi would work.

New Kid in Town

There’s a new kid on the block.

Not sure if it is a male or female or what it is.

Daddy thinks it’s a beaver. Grandma thinks it’s a groundhog.

No matter what it is, it is not getting close to Mark’s Den! Or my name’s not Chooey!

Dust Storm

Captured this last evening had a lot of wind . The cloud above the trees and building is dust. As Johnny Cash sang we ain’t seen the rain since I don’t know when.
Thankful for storms and no damage.
And on that note, happy Lord’s day and I hope that if you are able to get out, attend the church of your choice.

C_J_L Outdoor, Wildlife Photo Division Update

Good morning everyone!
Yesterday I took my “third” scouting hike for my new camera. As you can see by the pictures I’ve enclosed, this is a prime area with the woodlands and river.
However I’m not the only visitor.
After 2.20 minutes of monitoring fishermen, pacing and tramping through the woods and weeds, I decided to take a chance. I shimmied up the side of a tree and hung the camera.
It was reasonably concealed.
As I was doing it, I noticed movement below. Three of the 4 fishermen packed up and started up the long hill trail coming directly at me.
So I removed the camera and decided to wait until colder weather when there’s less activity. It was a total of 2.5 hours to the minute I spent down there, but well worth it. I’d hate to have the camera stolen.
Better safe than sorry!

The ‘Macro’ World, Nature Part 2

This morning while getting ready to take off, I saw this little critter sitting on the picnic bench at the shop.
I may add, that I’m sure many of our viewers and other bureaus around the country saw our Bosses, Editor, CEO and his funny comment on my other “macro” posting yesterday. So I dedicate this to him. LOL

The ‘Macro’ World, Nature

Today I had to transport a dumpster we’ve had sitting at the yard for a couple of years. As I unloaded the box I walked around to check things out. And, I spotted this little fellow emerging to catch some sunlight. Really interesting. I’m sure he enjoyed the ride also.

Morning Tests for C_J_L Outdoor, Wildlife Site

Good morning everyone. After getting everything all set up with equipment for the new CJL outdoor photo/video division with our new equipment, the next chore was finding a good place for the camera, and safe from thieves.
This is the area chosen facing west on the Genesee River gorge on the east side of the river.
After running these tests this morning, I chose to hold off on setting the equipment up and possibly doing it tonight.
Stay tuned!

Eclipsing America

The last time a total eclipse was seen in the US of A was during Woodrow Wilson’s time in the Oval Office back in 1918.
It was the late 1280s when a total eclipse of the sun traversed the Americas the way today’s eclipse traveled.
Next time will be April of 2024, a scant seven years from now.
Question is:
Will President Donald Trump eclipse the headlines about the sun and the moon when he addresses the nation tonight at 9 o’clock with his Southern Asian Plan and what to do about Afghanistan?
The US continues to be bogged down in its longest war in the Graveyard of Empires.


This morning I visited one of my best friends homes. Had coffee with him, his wife and daughter. A beautiful family.
At the entrance to his home is this bench at the beginning of the private drive. I’ve always liked it because it is shaded. I’m not a great fan of a lot of sun. To me this is a perfect, peaceful setting.