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Rochester weather, 10/16/16.

Good morning everyone from Rochester. Right now the temp is 62 degrees, winds SW at 14 mph. The humidity level is 75, and the dew point is 54. Have a great Sunday!

A change in weather.

Yesterday my friend and I took a ride by Durand’s beach here in Irondequoit. There was definitely a change in the weather, we had to wear windbreakers. As you can see in the picture, there were some whitecaps in the water. Right now here in Rochester it’s 51 degrees.
A change in weather.
A change in weather.

A fall morning in Rochester!

Good morning everyone. Right now in the city it’s 63, looking to hit 68. Ah yes, the fall. My favorite season!

In Rochester today, The weather!


Right now in Rochester it’s 70 degrees. And tomorrow we are looking at 71. The entire week for the most part will be nice, with a bit of rain in the forecast.
If you look at picture 1, you see the goldfish have come out of hibernation. And the daffodil has bloomed nicely.

Wood carvings, Sculpturing!

This wood carving done by a gentlemen nicknamed "Buzz Saw Bob".
This wood carving done by a gentlemen nicknamed “Buzz Saw Bob”.


Thursday’s Weather, Rochester!


Okay everyone, here’s the mid day look at Rochester weather. We started out with a chilly morning, some rain,wet snow and drizzle. It was in the 20’s. The cars in the parking lot all had ice on them. Right now it’s 34 and we’re looking to reach a high of 52.
Enclosed are 2 pictures from the Rochester bureau. My office is on the 8th floor. These pictures were shot facing the west. The bridge you see in picture 1 is the “Veterans Memorial Bridge”, picture 2 is the historic Genesee river.

Commuters helping commuters!

Well as usual, Rochester gets its share of weather. And as of this story, we have gotten over a foot. And more coming.