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Chooey Makes a Break

Chooey may have been born in the Desert, but he loves the snow. With a crack in the door, as I took pictures, Chooey bolted out to play.

Snow Dogging

From Desert dog to snow dog, Chooey loving it this February day.

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Lazing About

What a beautiful day in the Cornfield!
Been outside romping around trying to shoo away the birds that gather in the field, but Daddy has me on a short leash.
Now I am all tuckered out and ready to nap here by the computer. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

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Your pal,

Guard Duty

Chooey showing off his “walk” as he stands guard, keeping the bad guys and other doggies away from Daddy.

Dusty Waiting for His Christmas Presents

Picture 1430 Picture 1442

 Dusty Waiting for his Christmas presents
Dusty Waiting for his Christmas presents

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Hard Day’s Night


After a rough day at the office, Chooey has had enough. He has passed out on Daddy’s recliner.



Uh-Oh – Caught!

I thought I would post an update on how Daddy is doing with his new project, but Daddy caught me!

Yikes! Daddy caught me!
Yikes! Daddy caught me!
Maybe I will sneak away.
Well, I am here. May as well post.


Chooey Relaxing

Surrounded by his “toys”, Chooey relaxes as Daddy watches TV.

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