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Citizens Journalists Offices!

Good afternoon everyone. With the recent progress and growth of Mark’s aka The Chief, news station. More offices are being added almost daily.

Mark now has satellite offices in Rochester and Glen Cove New York. Along with Harpers Ferry West Virginia. From the West Virginia Bureau, Mark immediately added the Mexico Bureau. Miss Lorenais is the bureau chief there. She covers “all” Latin America” topics.

And just recently with serious negotiations, he added on our 1st international office. Yes folks, we now have a news bureau in Sri Lanka. Miss Shari is our foreign correspondent! Headquarters is Indiana.

Here at the Rochester bureau we are located on the 22nd floor. The entire floor is all state of the art electronics for news. Each junior reporter has a suite complete with a computer and satellite telephone.

Me as  bureau chief, I have a desk top computer, laptop, satellite phone, a ham radio and police scanner to track events by the minute. And along with this I have the chopper. Tupac who’s the Glen Cove bureau chief also uses the chopper on assignments.

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