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First Full Day Stats

Thanks to all our intrepid citizen journalists, our first full day as a stand-alone web site produce pretty good views and referrals. This would not be off to such a start without EACH of YOU!


Off to a Great Start

Citizen Journalists Live opened less than a week ago. To date, the reaction has been more than I imagined.

Thank YOU!!!

Here is how the first few days have gone with the posts and the views:

statstodateAgain – Thank you, for without you, this would not be possible.

Here is to our continued growth.

Mark’s Journalism site

I think this is great that Mark took the time to do this. Right now I’m exploring it. I’m hoping that photos and videos can be posted like some of us are use to doing at other sites. It’s going to take a bit of study, trial and error to get use to. As I look to the right of the page I see different options. I think this will be worth it. Thanks Mark!

Author & Rochester Bureau Chief: Slick Nick
Published: November 28, 2015