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Tight squeeze!

Yes folks, the trucking business has it’s ups and downs. But by days end, we move on!

History, Parole Denied!

Worlds Oldest Woman Diies, 117
Breaking News: Worlds oldest woman dies
Our hats go off to her here at the Rochester bureau and on behalf of our CEO, owner, founder, Mr. Mark Ivy at headquarters, and all our satellite offices.

Remembering: Boston Strong

Some say the war on terror is over…but in the birthplace of American independence, Boston, (remember the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre) apparent bombs rocked the Boston Marathon killing at least 2 and injuring at least 28 four years ago on April 15, 2013.
We must remain ever vigilant against those who seek our destruction.

News in the Rochester Area!

Divided We Stand

In my most recent unscientific survey from Cornfield Polls, trust was the thrust.

Not many participated, but from the results it is clear that we remain deeply divided.

So what are we to do?

Does it matter whether we are buying into facts or fiction?

Are Americans doomed to what the Scripture refers to as “believing a lie and being damned?”

Was the Apostle Paul right when he wrote about “ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth?”

From the Cornfield, our 16th and perhaps greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, cited the words of Christ when he intoned, “A house divided cannot stand.”

How can we as a nation hope to stand when we remain so divided even over whom to trust?

A Fine if You Don’t Vote?
Yes folks, here is a recent proposal from a democratic politician.I thought it would interest you.

Laundry day!

Courtesy National Geographic

Million Dollar Winner, Close to Home
Well folks, talk about close to home or what. This winner is just across the river from where I live. Humm, maybe the next time me!!! LOL

Powerball Now 403 Million!