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Be Wary – Not Scared


The Islamic State’s tentacles have stretched into the US of A.

The deadly shooting of 14 and wounding as many in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday put ISIS in our living rooms. Once more Americans have been shaken to their collective core. Once more terror has penetrated our shields.

Unlike what happened following the horrific attack on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the downing of flight over Pennsylvania, where the country unified with partisan political divides for a moment disappeared, this time, Americans are divided.

Partisan bickering has been heightened. Ideological lines have been drawn. People are running scared.

Healthy fear is good. It kicks in our instinct for self-survival. But over-reaction and fear based, not on facts, but on ideological and partisan rhetoric can be as destructive as the act itself which gave rise to the debates.

We must be wary – but not live our lives scared. We must put it all in perspective.

This is not about guns.

This is not about political parties.

This is not about religion.

This is about evil people who wish to kill whoever disagrees with their warped view of the world, life and religion. An Ohio State University professor provided this information on Michael Smerconich’s program on CNN this morning:

  • Chances of getting killed by a terrorist in the US – 1 in 4 million.
  • Chances of getting killed by a gun in America – 1 in 9 million.
  • Chances of getting killed in a vehicle accident – 1 in 400,00.

We must go on with life.

We must not allow terror to grip us.

We must not be paralyzed by fear.

We must not resort to knee-jerk reactions.

What we must do is remain vigilant, alert and wary.

What we must do is life our lives in the freedom we so cherish.

From the Cornfield, our best response to those who wish to do us harm is to go on and not show the fear in our eyes, words or actions.

Let freedom ring with life lived on our terms, not in reaction to terror.

An Act of Terror

cornfieldlogoNo matter the motivation, the deadly attack in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday, November 27, 2015, was an act of terror.

The standoff, the slaying of three innocents and wounding of nine others result in terrorizing a community, the state and the nation.

Put the politics and ideology aside. Stop walking on egg shells.

This was terrorism.

Most acts of mass killings are acts of terror.

The mayhem and slaughter at a theater in Aurora, Colorado a few years ago resulted in terror for not only the victims, but also the city and nation. The deadly rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, was a terrorist act. The shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee was terrorist in nature. I could go on and on.

These type of lethal events are acts of terror.

The shooting of a nine-year-old boy in a Chicago alley was a terrorist act. Although it appears to have been a fatal result of an ongoing gang war, the result was spreading even more fear, terror and anger in the community.

Let us call things what they are. There is no reason to be sensitive in these cases. Throw political correctness out the window.

It is wrong for politicians, including President Barack Obama, to try and turn this into a political argument. It is wrong for presidential candidates to attempt to raise money and shoot arrows over this tragedy.

Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism.

If in fact this deranged individual who holed up in a Planned Parenthood facility unleashing his deadly derangement, the result is still the same. He not only murdered innocents, he terrorized the community.

From the Cornfield, there is no justification for such action. No matter the motivation, this was wrong. Let the full brunt of the law come down on his head.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, the community.

Making a Buck, Survival!

There’s a few of us here at the site getting up there in years, not old, but getting older, LOL. And I think it’s safe to say that we all have had some trying moments of sorts.
But determination, self belief, etc., can keep us going. Not to say it’s a happy path, but things generally work out.
I have been there a few times. And I’ve seen many others. One of the things I got quite involved with a few times was “the scrapping” business. Both for myself on a small scale, and in a big way with a major company. And then there are the little guys. Cans, bottles, and washing machines so to speak.
Here are a few scenes from the industry I wanted to share!





big crane 2

big craneAuthor & Rochester Bureau Chief: Slick Nick
Published: December 3, 2015

The new terrorism era


The new terrorist era started on 9/11/2001

continued in paris and Spain

now back in paris 11/13/2015

now San Bernardino County USA

whats next?

i wonder if all of this has to do with the upcoming elections in the USA

new gun laws?

Who will end up winning

the Gop

or the Democrats

enough of bloodshed

enough of innocent victims dying

no more terrorism no more fear

fear makes your vibration go down

some groups use fear as. Weapon for making people vibration go lower and the lower it gets the power grows

who are we giving the power to?


Citizen Pundit & Mexico Bureau Chief: Lorenais
Published: December 2, 2015