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Where That Man Be?

Yes folks, “Little Otis” waits patiently this morning for his master at the grocery store. Early this morning while making an early breakfast run, I got back into to my car and saw this picture next to me.

Steam Engine

On our Mini_Trip, we found this jewel at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. This town has what they call old threshers. This was the last week of August.

Mini Trip – Festival Time 2

Here’s a few more.
Was thinking of you, Slick Nick – 1949 Chevy and it ran.
I was really impressed with the architecture of the St. John’s church building.
This is a river town.
I was hoping to stop at Marceline on way home of walt DIsney. LOL
Another future trip…

Mini Trip – Festival Time

Brunswick, Missouri Pecan Festival
This little town 885 people is pecan capital of Missouri.
Bottom picture world’s largest pecan.

Mini_Trips: Historic Erie Canal

Yes folks, I’m enjoying my little “Mini_Trips“.

Mini_Trips…Inaugural Post

Hello everyone. Well this is it, my first posting for the 2 new assignments on our C_J_L menu bar. I suggested to the Chief during some recent meetings that I wanted to introduce 2 more assignments to his reporters menu. And the board voted both for both. These 2 new chapters the Chief wants to be added to all bureaus. I strongly support this to give our bureaus more activity.
The first of the 2 I suggested was the “Outdoor,Wildlife” division, and the second, “Mini_Trips”..
I hope you enjoy these. I heard that the Missouri bureau is planning some “Mini_Trips”..

Another Addition to CJL

Breaking news from CJL.
Good evening everyone.
A few weeks ago I introduced the “Outdoor” photo division which is still in beta form. The Chief our editor,owner, and CEO of CJL, Mr. Mark Ivy gave me a pat on the back for it I may add, LOL.
The camera, crews, technicians are all in place, but our scouts are still searching for a secure location without interruption. And things are looking promising due to cooler weather, kids back in school and sportsmen.
But with negotiations recently finished in Indiana (headquarters), another division I’m introducing which the Chief liked is what I’ve titled “Mini_Trips“.
Yup, you got it.
Whether it’s an hour ride on a weekend or the entire weekend, this part of CJL is welcoming our reporters to share what you did to find enjoyment on your time off.
We think this addition will open more doors for all. And I may add, 1 “Mini_Trip” was already filmed this past weekend and is in final production now.
And there’s another “Mini_Trip” scheduled for tomorrow.
Bare with the Rochester Bureau for these releases.
You will enjoy them.

Last Steel Banister Bridge Left in Adair County, Missouri