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News in the Rochester Area!

Laundry day!

Courtesy National Geographic

Rochester Weather!

Good morning Chief! Well as you said in your morning weather report, “dangerous cold”, that is it. Right now at the Rochester bureau it’s 15 degrees, gray, and a few flurries could be. Otherwise it’s dry. Stay warm.
I’ve enclosed a link from our weather partners up here.


Over half a century ago in a small town in western New York this place was a Mom and Pop store. It was a pillar of the town. The family was great, friends of mine.
Through the years, attrition, the store closed.
Recently the building was sold and totally remodeled. It’s now a pizza parlor, bar. They did an excellent job with it. Early Wednesday morning I was going through the town and took this picture!

Old Airplane, History!

Aviation,Glenn H. Curtiss
Aviation, Glenn H. Curtiss


A Few Weeks Ago?


Morning again Chief! We got the special weather assignment memo from you just a few moments ago. Enclosed from the Rochester bureau are 2 pictures from just 2 weeks ago. These pictures were shot from the C.J.L 1 chopper. We’ll keep you posted with updates when they come through today.

The ‘Junkyard’ Band!

The "Junkyard" band!
Yes folks, in the roll-off business, (a form of trucking) we go many places and see many things in junkyards, landfills, and transfer stations. I saw this piece of history this week. I wonder how many songs were played on this old girl?

A change in weather.

Yesterday my friend and I took a ride by Durand’s beach here in Irondequoit. There was definitely a change in the weather, we had to wear windbreakers. As you can see in the picture, there were some whitecaps in the water. Right now here in Rochester it’s 51 degrees.
A change in weather.
A change in weather.

In Memory of Those We Lost! 9/11

A terrible day, 9/11.

Ran Out of Gas!

Morning Mark!
Right now in Rochester it’s 80 degrees and the humidity is 56 percent. Another hot one, yuck! All across the country we’ve been dealing with this heat wave and not much relief in sight.
And true to tradition people are running to the beach.
Yesterday while on the road I came across a family en route to the beach and they ran out of gas. (Old Chevy picture) But they called their Old Uncle Hank and he saved the day. He picked the family up and got them to the beach. (Old Caddy picture)
Old Chevy.

Old Caddy