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Mr. Snowman, he’s nervous!

Mr. Snowman is getting nervous. Due to the weather, he feels he may not be here to celebrate with Mark and the worldwide bureaus. He feels he might just melt away. He’s been hitting the bottle lately due to depression. As of this interview with him, it’s 48 degrees.

Old city homes, East avenue, Rochester!

Some of my favorite homes on the East side!

Christmas Decorations in a Shopping Mall

Christmas Decorations in a shopping Mall in the City of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Christmas decorations in Colombo City
Christmas decorations in Colombo City

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Walmart safety…

Good morning folks. With all the various things going on in our world, “SAFETY” is number 1. And Walmart definitely encourages it.

The lighting of the “Liberty Pole”.

Each year, during the first week in December,”The Liberty Pole” is lit up in downtown Rochester. It stands on the north side of Main street. Right next to the Sibley building.
This has always been a nice gathering with the cities Mayor, members of city government, and residents! It consists of bands, and various sorts entertainment, including Santa and some elves.

27th Antietam National Battlefield Memorial Illumination December 5th 2015 Sharpsburg Maryland






My husband and I accompanied my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter to take  in the 23,000 luminaries   representing the soldiers that fell at the  bloodiest battle of the Civil War, Antietam Battlegrounds.

After a two hour wait in the car( we were over a mile away in the line) we finally inched our way to the National Park. The site was surreal, a little spooky and heart breaking.

To understand each of the 23,000 luminaries following a five mile road around the battlefield, represented a fallen or missing soldier was so thought provoking, especially thinking of what our own country is enduring today and fearful it will become worse. 

The countryside is beautiful today…the town of Sharpsburg and the university town of Shepherdstown  are much like Harper’s Ferry, gorgeous pre-Civil War houses, quaint shops and restaurants, lovingly kept as if time stood still.

We should always learn from the past, always.

DSCN1471DSCN1511When soldiers of two American armies converged on the peaceful village of Sharpsburg, they transformed the once tranquil farms that surrounded the town into horrific fields of combat. This community would never be the same.

Five days after the guns fell silent, President Abraham Lincoln redefined the meaning of the war when he announced the Emancipation  Proclamation , No Longer was the conflict being waged solely to reunite a divided country, now this war would also be fought to abolish slavery.

As the years passed, the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest  single day battle revolved into a place of reflection and national remembrance.

Though the scars of war have faded from the landscape, Antietam National Battlefield remains hallowed ground. It is a place where America forever changed – a place to ponder the meaning of sacrifice and freedom.

We light these candles tonight to honor 23,000 soldiers of the Blue and Gray who were killed, wounded, or reported missing on September 17, 1862

Presented by American Business Women’s Association Hagerstown-Washington  County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Soup Du Jour! Even Big Bad Bikers like soup!

Outside Sweet Tomato next to Billy Joel’s Motorcycle Museum, 20th Century Cycles.

Damp last Sunday of November.

Great homemade soups in this place, a regulars hangout and tourists too.

Everybody Loves Soup!
Everybody Loves Soup!

DSCN1427 DSCN1431 DSCN1444Photo Journalist & Long Island Bureau Chief: Tupac
Published: December 2, 2015