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A day at the salt mine.

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Hey everyone. Yesterday the “Outdoor Trail_Cam “division was on location checking things out. We caught a few clips of the “squirrel gang” running around as usual.

But my point of this broadcast is we picked up a few inches of snow last night. The area looks much different now.

I didn’t take a picture of today’s mess so I wouldn’t ruin this image, LOL.

It’s currently “21” in Rochester, NY.

Rochester’s Weekly Weather Lineup!

Missouri Bureau Weather

Well our snow over night didn’t mount to much more than a heavy dusting. Looking high 30’s towards end of week.

What happened to the January thaw?

As kids growing up I remember getting snow early as Halloween and December being the really cold.

It’s ‘1’ degree in Rochester.

Good morning everyone. Right now, it’s 1 degree in Rochester. And throughout the week, it will remain below freezing.

Rochester Weather, It’s ‘1’, New Years Eve
Good morning everyone. Here at the Rochester bureau it is 1 degree right now.

Brutal Ahead

Feels balmy this morning +15 at 9 am Sunday and Monday.  Don’t look so good from the bean fields of Missouri!

Rochester weather, ‘4’ Windchill, -10-15