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Return of Warmth

After mercury readings in the 20s for the past few days, this morning was only a degree under freezing when I rose. Now it is two degrees above the freezing mark.
A warm up is in store as the day proceeds with the temperature rising to the 50s where it will remain for daily highs or higher this Christmas week.

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How is the weather in your nook this Sunday morning?

Bone-Chilling Cold

It may be redundant, but what a frosty, frigid morning in the Cornfield. Brr! When I rose around 7 a.m., the mercury was all the way down to 22 degrees. The humidity was at 87 %.
Now three hours later and it is still chilling to the bone. Current temperature is 26 and feeling like 18! Humidity has dropped to 65%.
Christmas week, however, will be much warmer with highs in the 50s.



And how is the weather where you are?

Frigid Weekend Start

It was 27 degrees, but feeling like 24 when I woke in the Cornfield this Friday morning. The humidity was at 84%. Now an hour and a half later, the mercury has risen to a degree below freezing, but feeling like 25. The humidity has dropped to 75%.
The temperature is not expected to rise much higher today topping at 37. Tonight a plunge to 22 degrees is expected.
A warm-up begins on Sunday with a high of 50 forecast. Christmas week will be warmer than normal with highs in the 50s and even hitting 60 on Christmas Eve.



And how is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Winter Precipitation Outlook

Thanks to an exceptionally strong El Nino weather system, it will be a mixed bag for the US of A this winter when it comes to precipitation.
The North and the heartland will mainly be drier while the South and West will be wetter.


Turning Colder

The mercury dropped big time over the past couple of days.
At the 11 o’clock hour it is currently 35 degrees and cloudy. It is not expected to rise higher than 38 today then dropping back to the mid 20s overnight.
Humidity is at 69%.

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And how is the weather in your part of the world?

Midweek Forecast


As you can see there is a line of rain storms to the west in Illinois that will soon be making its way into the Cornfield. The chilly weather continues which is in stark contrast to last week’s unseasonably warmer weather.
Heading into the weekend the mercury readings will be much cooler and dropping into the 20s.
Looking ahead to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, thanks to the very powerful El Niño, will seem more like spring than winter. So much for a white Christmas.

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Cool Down

After a weekend of record-breaking temperatures far beyond the norm for December, a slight cool down is now occurring across the Cornfield.

The mercury readings will remain relatively mild for December except for Friday when there will be dip below 30 in the overnight hours.

Those watching the prep for the Republican debates later today and tonight may have noticed that it has been quite chilly, uncharacteristic for Las Vegas, Nevada, site of the debates.

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Rainy Start to a New Week

Overnight the rain fell across the Cornfield. Slowly it is beginning to move out of our neck of the woods, continuing to move east and north.
The mercury readings continue to be mild and unseasonably warm. Humidity, naturally, remains high.
Off in the distance looking westward, the clouds are beginning to break. Cooler weather waits as the week progresses.

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Warm, But Wet


Going to be a warm, but wet day across the Cornfield today. With temperatures in the mid 60s this quite unusual for December in Indiana, but not not unheard.
Rain is moving into the Wabash Valley and will be starting shortly. Hey, it’s better than snow!

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And how is the weather in your corner of the world?

Breaking Records?

For many of us in the heartland and along the Atlantic Seaboard, we could see highs today breaking records. An unusually warm December so far thanks to a massive El Niño weather system.

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