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Editor’s Pick: Coney Island – Off Season’

Brooklyn’s world-famous Coney Island in the off season is the subject of published author, photo journalist and New York metro area Bureau Chief Tupac.

What is a visit to New York without a visit to Coney Island?

DSCN1494Click on the photo of Tupac, your Coney Island guide, to see her full article.

Coney Island – Off Season’

Coney Island has always attracted artists eccentrics and the locals who have it in their bones. It is more than an inner city amusement park, it is a state of mind.

It’s eye candy to an artist, visionary.

A dreamscape of joy and despair.

It was once called “The World’s Greatest Playground.”

It went down for awhile, but now. it is making a comeback.

There is currently a great exhibit about it going on at The Brooklyn Museum through March 13th, called Coney Island – Visions of an American Landscape.

It’s chock full of the history and American Eye Candy I love.
Here’s some pictures I took this past Saturday:








Editor’s Pick: Coney Island Car Show-2014…Oldies, but Goodies

Today’s pick comes from our Glen Cove, New York Bureau Chief, Tupac. Tupac brings us all the sights and sounds around Long Island and New York City. A perfect example of this talented citizen photojournalist is this capture of the Coney Island Car Show.


Click on the photo to see the entire post from the world famous Coney Island.

Coney Island Car Show-2014…Oldies, but Goodies






078Photo Journalist & Long Island Bureau Chief: Tupac
Published: December 2, 2015