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Aeronautical History!

This past week I was on a run in Geneseo, New York. They have an old plane mini museum so to speak. They have plane rides with weekend aviationists, mini tours,etc.. While there I noticed this relic. It’s not the greatest picture due to the distance I shot it at, not the greatest lighting either. But I wanted to share it.

Old Airplane, History!

Aviation,Glenn H. Curtiss
Aviation, Glenn H. Curtiss


Rochester history.

Here in Rochester, many famed industries were started as many of you know. One of them being Bausch & Lomb. It’s founders both lived here.
On Memorial day in 1932 a monument was constructed and dedicated for Henry Lomb honoring his service in the American Civil War. Lomb served as a sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. The monument sets in a meridian on Upper Falls Blvd and St. Paul street in front of the original Bausch & Lomb plant.
For over 30 years the lights were turned off for unknown reasons. But recently, just last Monday (Memorial day) thanks to donations from local merchants, the lights were back on.
It’s nice to see history continually honored as it should be.


Rochester history!

Rochester history!




Here in picture 1 is a local apartment complex  with some real history. Right where this complex sets was a former Seneca Indian site.
In picture 2 you see the sign that states that as of 199 years ago this was their home land.
In picture 3 is the Genesee River which runs behind the
complex where they traveled on as well as got food.
And right behind the complex to the north is another piece of history but more current – The Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Hobbies, Ham radio..

Most people have a hobby or an interest that they enjoy in their off time from work. Some fish and hunt, others go bowling and play pool. I enjoy some of these but I also enjoy my “Ham” radio.
Going back to when I was a kid communications in its many ways was an interest. And looking back now at my age, wow has it changed.
According to history the man most spoken of, recognized as the founder of Ham-Amateur radio was “Marconi”. However it was in premature, early stages due to another man named Telsa. However little really is found in the history books about him. The credit generally lies with Marconi.
Ham was founded in the 19th century. The first amateur radio association book was published in 1909. The term “ham” operator was a pejorative. It was used to describe amateur radio operators in mockery.
Ham radio has gone through its cycles. It has faded to a degree however there are still many loyalists.
Now being in the 21st century,through technology, internet, engineering,etc. it still has a strong hold. Things have been done to make it possible for operators to communicate worldwide from their living rooms. This is done through repeater systems. Many clubs have been formed, weekly on air meetings are conducted. Annual contests are done. Ham radio has many values from the general hobbyist to emergency situations.
I’m a ham operator, and I have a few friends that are also. I simply turn mine on and wait to say hi to an operator broadcasting. Just simple enjoyment for me. One of my best friends is a heavy weight ham. He participates in contests,belongs to organizations. He’s taught me a lot.
So for now everyone 73! 🙂

ham radio

Trump 3rd Party Threat – Historical Evidence


Donald Trump is once more threatening to bolt from the Republican Party and run as a 3rd party candidate for the presidency in 2016.

But historically, how have such bids fared?

As you can see from the chart below, since 1832, no third party candidate has come close to grabbing the keys to the Oval Office. Historically, third party candidates have been spoilers, often give the White House to the party least associated and often in direct opposition to the major party which the candidate’s views are more aligned.

Such, if we are to believe history, will be the case with Trump should he embark on an independent run.

Currently he is running in the GOP primary/caucus system. Should he negate his pledge to support the Republican nominee, one can based on the statistical past, reasonably believe that the Democratic nominee, most likely Hillary Clinton, will be a shoo in come November, 2016.

See for yourself the historical evidence:


As you can see only John Breckinridge in 1860 running against Republican Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 running against Republican Howard Taft, managed a second place showing. In all likelihood,

Trump would take away the best shot, historically, for the out-of-power party (Republicans) taking the reins from the current in-power party (Democrats) after two, straight terms in the President’s chair.

This would mean we would wake up the morning after Election Day to Madame President-Elect Clinton.

From the Cornfield, unless Trump wants to see Clinton win, his best bet is to stay with the GOP and support its nominee – even if that nominee is not Donald J. Trump.