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Salmon Run: C_J_L Outdoor Wildlife Location.

Yes everyone, the Rochester C_J_L Bureau is getting restless and impatient, but soon things will break I think.
This past weekend I made another hike down into the river gorge checking on a site to place my camera. But there were still visitors to the area. So, I cancelled hanging the camera.
But I think this coming week, our Thanksgiving week, I will do it. I’m getting the vibes.
Anyways, as I was marching around I came across a lot of dead salmon.
The area I plan to place the camera has been a busy place for years for salmon fishing. After they spawn many of their lives end, and others get washed ashore due to weather. flooding, etc. I saw several dead salmon down there as you see.
These pictures are what I saw this past Sunday.
Stay tuned.
Note: Look at the last picture, the area I will be shooting for C_J_L is an historic Indian site.