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Flooding in Rochester.

Flooding in Rochester.

Rochester Weather!

Good morning everyone. Here in Rochester it’s currently 22 degrees. We’re looking for a high of 38 degrees. The day will have periods of sunshine and scattered showers. Have a good one!

Happy New Year from Rochester!

Good morning everyone and a Happy New Year to all. In Rochester right now the sun is shining, a bit nippy, low thirties.

Rochester Weather, the Change!


Morning Mark! The “change” has arrived, THE WEATHER!!! All local networks, including the NWS is sending out alerts. We’re expecting anywhere from 1 to 3 inches up to a foot in certain areas.
Enclosed is a video of what it’s like at the salt mines, along with weather alerts from local networks and the National Weather Service. Stay tuned for more updates from the Rochester bureau.

A change in weather.

Yesterday my friend and I took a ride by Durand’s beach here in Irondequoit. There was definitely a change in the weather, we had to wear windbreakers. As you can see in the picture, there were some whitecaps in the water. Right now here in Rochester it’s 51 degrees.
A change in weather.
A change in weather.

A fall morning in Rochester!

Good morning everyone. Right now in the city it’s 63, looking to hit 68. Ah yes, the fall. My favorite season!

Rochester history.

Here in Rochester, many famed industries were started as many of you know. One of them being Bausch & Lomb. It’s founders both lived here.
On Memorial day in 1932 a monument was constructed and dedicated for Henry Lomb honoring his service in the American Civil War. Lomb served as a sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. The monument sets in a meridian on Upper Falls Blvd and St. Paul street in front of the original Bausch & Lomb plant.
For over 30 years the lights were turned off for unknown reasons. But recently, just last Monday (Memorial day) thanks to donations from local merchants, the lights were back on.
It’s nice to see history continually honored as it should be.


Rochester history!

Rochester history!




Here in picture 1 is a local apartment complex  with some real history. Right where this complex sets was a former Seneca Indian site.
In picture 2 you see the sign that states that as of 199 years ago this was their home land.
In picture 3 is the Genesee River which runs behind the
complex where they traveled on as well as got food.
And right behind the complex to the north is another piece of history but more current – The Veterans Memorial Bridge.

International Women’s Day



Today is International Women’s Day. Here in Rochester was where Susan B. Anthony resided. An activist, fighter for women’s rights to vote and equality. She was born on February 20, 1820 and died March 13, 1906. Enclosed are stone monuments of her, her life long friend Frederick Douglas, and her home. I live 15 minutes from her home which is now a museum.