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Editor’s Pick: Mother Nature’s Colors!

This post is just too good not to see.

Slick Nick has captured the awesome beauty of a sunrise in Rochester, New York.

Well folks in Rochester as many of you know, we get all types of weather. I think these days are few and far between now.
Well folks in Rochester as many of you know, we get all types of weather. I think these days are few and far between now.

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Burro-ing – Direct Video Upload Test

I attempted to upload a video directly from my computer rather than uploading to YouTube first.

Here is the result:


As you can see it is a link which when clicked on asks to download to your computer or device.

When opened it does play and show.

However, in order for the video to play in your post, you need to upload to YouTube first and paste that link for the video to play in your post.

Mark’s Journalism site

I think this is great that Mark took the time to do this. Right now I’m exploring it. I’m hoping that photos and videos can be posted like some of us are use to doing at other sites. It’s going to take a bit of study, trial and error to get use to. As I look to the right of the page I see different options. I think this will be worth it. Thanks Mark!

Author & Rochester Bureau Chief: Slick Nick
Published: November 28, 2015

Uploading Photos & Videos

To upload photos to your post, do not use Quick Draft.

In your Dashboard, click on New. This will open up the full post editor. You can use the toggle next to the ABC check mark to allow you to change font color etc. if you wish to add any text to your post.

Once in full editor, you can opt for visual (or what you see is what you get) or text if you know HTML.

To add photos:

Click on the Add Media button. It will open your media library where you can click on select files to upload your photos. Once uploaded click on Insert into Post on the right side.

Your photos are ready to share with the world!

Click Publish. To share a video:

You must upload to YouTube first. Copy the link location and simply paste it into the body of your post.

The site will automatically embed the video for you.

You are good to go.

Again you can add any text you want as well.

Click publish and show the world your talent.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

For a visual step-by-step of the procedures: http://citizenjournalistslive.com/2015/12/03/step-by-step-photos-videos/

Step-By-Step: Photos & Videos

Click on each image to see it fully for step-by-step instructions on uploading photos and adding videos.dashboardtoggletoaddphotosuploadphotosselectphotospostingphotosuploadedphotosuploadingvideovideouploaded