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The Weather from Rochester!


Right now in Rochester it’s 56, with a high today of 74. A bit of a cool down as I like. Humidity has lessened. Here’s a look at the upcoming week.

Wind Storm, Rochester!

This past few days have been hell and high water for Rochester and the surrounding areas. At 1 point the wind hit 81 miles per hour according to airport and weather officials.
Power outage maxed out at approx. 125,000 homes losing power. Utility companies from neighboring cities have come to Rochester to help repair and restore power.
Governor Cuomo has called in the National Guard.

Rochester Weather!

Good morning everyone. Here in Rochester it’s currently 22 degrees. We’re looking for a high of 38 degrees. The day will have periods of sunshine and scattered showers. Have a good one!

Happy New Year from Rochester!

Good morning everyone and a Happy New Year to all. In Rochester right now the sun is shining, a bit nippy, low thirties.

Cloudy Christmas

Santa Claus had to deal with fog and rain as he made his way through the Cornfield. Clouds remain today with the mercury rising to the 60 mark.
And how is the weather in your nook of the world?

Rochester Weather, the Change!


Morning Mark! The “change” has arrived, THE WEATHER!!! All local networks, including the NWS is sending out alerts. We’re expecting anywhere from 1 to 3 inches up to a foot in certain areas.
Enclosed is a video of what it’s like at the salt mines, along with weather alerts from local networks and the National Weather Service. Stay tuned for more updates from the Rochester bureau.

A change in weather.

Yesterday my friend and I took a ride by Durand’s beach here in Irondequoit. There was definitely a change in the weather, we had to wear windbreakers. As you can see in the picture, there were some whitecaps in the water. Right now here in Rochester it’s 51 degrees.
A change in weather.
A change in weather.

Happy Easter!

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And how is the weather in your nook of the world?

Leap Day Weather

It’s Leap Day which means for some an extra day of winter. For others, it will be an extra day of spring-like weather.
leap1 leap2
And how is the weather in your nook of the world?