Billy Buzzard Is Mad at Me.

You interrupted my dinner.
Yes folks while coming down the road to the complex just now, I saw this turkey buzzard enjoying dinner. I pulled over and got ready to shoot a few pictures. He became alarmed with me and flew up into the trees. I followed him and he jotted from tree limb to tree limb. I had my old camera, wish I had my good one, but this turned out decent.

Weather Humor!

Yes folks as you remember we had a bad storm up here a few weeks ago. And they’re still cleaning it up. I just saw this on my way home.

Wood carvings, Sculpturing!

This wood carving done by a gentlemen nicknamed "Buzz Saw Bob".
This wood carving done by a gentlemen nicknamed “Buzz Saw Bob”.


Hail in the Cornfield

As thunderstorms roll across the Cornfield this Easter evening, hail is also falling. The thunder is long and loud. Warnings have been issued.
The temperature fell from 73 to 62 in a matter of five minutes.
The white “pebbles” are hail covering the yard in front of Mark’s Den as seen through the screen door.

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Supper Time!

Chooey: “I want some too, Daddy!”

Creamed peas, fried potatoes, smoked sausage – charred – on a rainy Thursday evening.

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

With Daddy in his recliner and glued to CNN watching coverage of the Nevada Democratic Caucus and the South Carolina Republican Primary, I figured this was a perfect time to take over the computer.
As you can see, I found a perfect spot to stretch out, relax and enjoy a Saturday afternoon.
Ah…sweet Z’s
What do you mean, wake up?
Phooey with that. I am going back to sleep.

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